Legends: Storm of the Forsaken

20 years after the events of Legends: Tides of War

Prologue: Two decades have past since the Ascendant’s attempts to bring down the existing gods and take their place as the new gods of the world. Times have been quite peaceful since then, the human races have finally reunited into one empire, the Dwarves and Tame Orcs have resigned the Steel Pact and the elves have reappeared. However recently, the knowledge of an unexplored land on the other side of the world has caught the interest of the Human Empire’s Grand Council. As such they have accepted volunteers to go and see what is waiting in this new land, if they are inhabited and if so if they are willing to communicate. You have just docked at the Empire Camp on the edge of an immense mountain forest and have been given orders to investigate signs of indigenous inhabitants several miles Northwest. Little do you know that this will be the beginning of no ordinary journey…

Starting Classes:


The Warrior wields a sword and shield, capable of felling opponents while shrugging aside weaker blows with their plate armor.

Starting Equipment:

Iron Armor

Iron Sword

Iron Shield

Starting Traits:

Warrior Training (+1 to melee-combat and blocking rolls)


The Rogue wields a bow and daggers, but their true strength comes in their ability to stealthily take out their opponents.

Starting Equipment:


Iron Dagger (x2)

Leather Armor

Starting Traits:

Rogue Training (+1 to ranged-combat and stealth rolls)


The Mage, while not threatening physically, wields the powerful and unstable force of magic to destroy their foes in a variety of ways.

Starting Equipment:

Basic Spellbook (Element: Arcane)

Mage Robes

Starting Traits:

Mage Training (+1 to all magic rolls)

I will accept almost any common fantasy race, though some may be denied depending on what it is

This first “turn” shall be character creation and I will give everyone 3 days before character creation is over. If you want to join after that, you have to wait till the beginning of the next chapter.


Name:Blaze Crest


Reserved, was waiting for this to come back!

Name: Fudd Bedneck
Race: Troll
Class: Warrior
Appearance: Eerily similar to a legendary troll long, long ago… with some not quite noticeable differences, of course.


You guys mind listing the appearance of your character? It makes it easier to keep track of who is who

Name: Gregalt Gorgonson
Race: Goblin
Class: Rogue
Appearance: Small, hunched over Goblin with a hooked nose, large ears and a sickly green skin.

Gregalt is a Goblin from one of the many Goblin Tribes. Like most Goblins, he quite enjoys money and shiny things. Unlike most of his bretheren, though, he doesn’t particularlry enjoy killing people. Mainly because he’s a bit of a narcissist who just wnats everyone to like him though. He joined the expidtion in the hopes of finding gold or something similar, and also for getting glory and attention.


Name: Maenlorn Wendaryl
Race: Elf
Classe: Warrior
Appearance: Small, young for their race, Curly chestnut hair, blue eyes, fair skin and always wear a teardrop necklace

Maenlorn was always second on everything he did. His twin brother, Caenlorn was born mere seconds before him, He was always the least favorite of the two to his parents and he is not very confident because of this. Maenlorn is unlucky, so unlucky that people think he might even be cursed. One day, his brother bought two teardrop necklaces because he thought that if both of them always wore it at the same Time they would know where the other one is. One day Maenlorn decided to leave his hometown and explore to show his brother he could be number one too. After a few weeks of adventuring, he came back to find his home completely destroyed and everyone in it dead. Everyone, except Caenlorn, whose body he never found. After that fateful day, he decided he’d do everything to find his brother back with the help of his teardrop necklace.


Alright I’m gonna extend the joining period til the end of Friday so anyone else who wants to join you have two more days to make a character.

How many people would you like to join ?

Ideally 5 or 6 but even if no one else ends up joining I can work with 4 people

Name: Thraryk Narothe

Race: Tame Orc

Class: Mage

Gender: Male

Appearance: 7.2 Feet tall, 22 Years of Age, Long thick black hair, Aqua eyes, Dark green skin.


I assume that your character is a male? The name does sound rather masculine

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(Joining period is now over, those who wish to join must now wait until the end of Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: The New World

Time: Early Morning

After several hours of trekking through thick trees and jagged mountain paths, our five heroes arrive at a small clearing which is the last known place where the signs of indigenous people have been found. The clearing is located in a valley in-between a few smaller mountains in the region, and at first glance all five can see a few cut trees and an extinguished fire pit. This land foreign to all of our heroes, and it’s for them to begin their journey here…

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Fudd Bedreck
“I believe we should explore the area before we go searching out for natives, as we’d know the landscape a bit better and have a better idea of where the natives aren’t.”
Action: Scout the area

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Action:Read the spellbook

“Can’t we just, I don’t know, go find some shinies?”

Action: look around for shiny stuff

“I agree with Fudd, Exploring seems like the best option here.”

Action: Scout with Fudd

“I don’t usually agree with such behavior but Gregalt has a point, Loot may be a nice thing to have”

Action: Look around for loot with Gregalt

Time: Early Morning

Fudd and Thraryk begin scouting around the area to get a lay of the land. Between the two of them, Fudd manages to find a shoddily made path that leads to a calmly flowing river and two trees that seem to have triangular marks on them while in the clearing Thraryk finds a few small holes in the ground that appear to have been dug to form a rectangular shape. (Fudd: 14, Thraryk: 11)

Gregalt and Maenlorn decide to look around the clearing for any possible loot. Gregalt gets particularly lucky, finding 20 pieces of gold scattered about the place and a decently crafted iron throwing spear while Maenlorn only manages to find a rusted throwing knife and 6 pieces of gold scattered about. Both notice that while the gold is the same material found back in the Human Empire, the symbols and on them are completely foreign. (Gregalt: 20, Maenlorn: 13)

Blaze meanwhile opens up his book and reads through the introduction.

“Greetings Aspirant! If you are reading this, then you have begun to take your first steps towards mastering the Arcane arts. The nature of magic is a unique one, being a force that is both very powerful and also very unstable. This means that learning and controlling magic will take quite some time, so this book contains only the earliest Arcane spells which should be fairly easy to use. Signed Magnus Incatanius, Master Wizard of the Alastranian Mages College”

After finishing the introduction, Blaze continues reading and finds the page for Arcane Bolt which after a few minutes of reading about, he has now learned. (Blaze: 17)


“Meh, I guess 6 pieces of gold is a nice thing to have, It might be useful… Anyways, I should build a shelter for all of us since dark might come down soon.”

Action: Build a shelter

Action: Read More