Let's boast about our IQ

Now, I took 2 IQ tests, the first one, well, it costed money, so I did not get my IQ, but It said I did the test 100% faster than most people, and, at the same time, I was quite confident I got most questions right, well, the second IQ test said I had 125+ IQ, since I got 10/10 questions right


I have at least 90 iq.

though, even that could be debatable at times.


one test said 100 the other said 135 and i can’t tell if im stupid or a genius

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Where do you take IQ tests? I always hear about them but have never taken one.

I have once taken an official IQ test but they never game me the results

I found some online ones just now actually, they gave me 125+ on one. The other one I took gave me 133-149+, but those results may be skewed because I had to answer the questions twice and it may only have been counting the second, quicker time

got 130-something on the last test i remember taking, it was online so i wouldnt trust the results that much

I don’t trust IQ tests because they imply that the subject is in their right mind at the moment they are taking the test. There are just so many factors to consider such as fatigue, nutrition, social life, mental health, physical health (yes, it does affect the mind too) and many others. If you are tired while also having depression and that you are taking the test, you might not have a very good result, although you could be much more “intelligent” if you had slept well.


No clue what my IQ is. It’s probably low because I didn’t get proper schooling and I’m also quite bad at math. But, I’m fine with that. IQ is definitely an indication of one form of intelligence, and people with a high IQ do deserve to be proud.

But, there’s also so many other forms of intelligence out there that are just as important and valid, so what I mean to say is that if anyone here is in the same boat as me… Don’t feel bad. You’re not dumb just because your IQ is low. Heck, you’re not even dumb if you’ve got bad schooling like me. Intelligence isn’t the knowledge you have, but how efficient you are at applying what you have. You can know jack squat about anything and still be intelligent. There’s a reason neanderthals were considered as intelligent as modern humans… but it’s not like they knew as much as we do.

IQ as far as I know measures the speed at which someone can properly solve math equations. Definitely a form of intelligence, but there are also people who come to great conclusions at a slow pace- such as philosophers.
So, I’m certain everyone here is smart in their own way. Low IQ, high IQ, something inbetween- you’re all going to bring something to the table, and you all deserve to brag about it!


I already took an IQ test, but it was a long time ago, my mom said it was 134 or something

Most of the online ones are BS and just give you a higher score to make you feel better.

IQ is the speed at which you solve problems, and the accuracy at which you solve them given the information presented. While your right and IQ is defiantly not the best way to measure intelligence, for it is a complex subject that relies on more than your problem solving, it is the best way we know of (as far as I am aware) to determine, well, I have no idea what, it’s basically just a piece of paper that tells you your good at problem solving, also, children tend to have higher IQ, probably because a childs job is to learn about the world as fast as they can so they don’t die and can spread their genes when their older.


100 isn’t stupid, it’s average

Honestly,I was sort of expecting people who are interested in thrive(since it is a biology game) also like science, so I expected. most people to answer with a high IQ

Actually its because IQ tests are divided by age, if you were to give most children that scored high in IQ tests for their age an IQ test for people 10 years older they would probably have an average score


Honestly,I was sort of expecting people who are interested in thrive(since it is a biology game) also like science, so I expected. most people to answer with a high IQ

Many people who like science have a low IQ because IQ is largely innate. Whereas things you enjoy are learned, you’re not born with it. So, those things aren’t indicative of your IQ level. IQ level can be altered somewhat but typically not drastically.

If IQ is innate then why did you say this?

I would like to mention 2 things about iq tests.

  1. They certainly measure intelligence, but only a certain kind. So its not the end all be all of intelligence.

  2. i wouldnt trust online iq tests, as there certainly going to be off by some amount (as shown by people in this thread recieving vastly different scores despite being the same person) A real in preson iq test would probably be most effective.


I didn’t describe it quite accurately. I should’ve said I would get a LOW RESULT, not that I’d have a low IQ. The reason being that I wouldn’t know how the questions work since I haven’t been taught much about math equations, so I’d be unable to answer a large portion of questions. Meaning regardless of my actual IQ, the results of the test would show a low IQ unless I got lucky with my guesses.

  1. based on you results, you should really be asking:“Am I average or Very gifted and smart”, since 100 is average and 135 is very gifted but not genius
  2. if you get good grades at school(Straight A), and you have a very high GPA(4.0+), and a high SAT(that is, if you have taken it yet) score, you likely have 135 IQ