Lets play Poor mans Dungeons & Dragons

So, Today ive decided to make a new game which hopefully i wont forget about.

We need a minimum of 3 players.

ill elaborate on the story once we have enough players. the recruiting will end in 3 days and the game will begin, anyone is free to join afterwards, just plop down your character sheet thing.

Character sheet (copy this and fill it out)



Class: (limited to: Knight, Archer, Mage, Rogue, and Monk)






(you only have 12 points to put into each of these traits, you can evenly distribute them or become as strange of a character as you want)



This is just to clear up certain things:

Traits provide an increase to certain things:
Strength increases your chances to strike a foe!
Physique increases your health, and chances to hit a foe with a ranged weapon! (keep in mind you have a base state of 10 Hp, every point put into physique will increase this by one)
Intelligence increases your magic damage. as well as intelligence based actions
Charisma increases your chances to lie, barter, etc. as well as charisma based actions.
Agility increases how many spaces you can move as well as your chances to dodge attacks

You only have 12 Skill points to assign to the traits (strength, physique etc)

Classes also provide slight boosts to certain traits,
Knight = + 2 strength
Archer = +1 agility, +1 physique
Mage = +1 intelligence +1 Charisma
Rogue = +1 agility, +1 Charisma
Monk = +2 physique

classes also are more proficient when using a weapon that they are familiar with.
Knights: Swords & shields
Archer: Bows
Mage: Wands & staffs
Rogue: Daggers
Monk: Fists

You only have 10 Skill points to assign to the traits (strength, physique etc)

Depending on your class, you are able to learn a maximum of 2 attacks/spells.




Stone statue

A basic slash of a weapon, does between 1-6 Dmg

A slamming motion which can damage large groups, does between 1-4 dmg

Stone statue:
Every attack that hits you is weakened by 1/3.



Bow shot

Calming winds.

A strong attack that requires precision, is likely to miss but when hit can do massive damage, does 2-12 Dmg

Bows shot:
A simple attack that does between 1-6 Dmg

Calming winds:
A status effect that gives +3 in precision to the archer using the spell. lasts for 4 of the archers turns




Healing Aura
Fire ball
Water Jet

Healing aura:
Every full cycle through player characters, everyone is given +2 Hp



Rapid slash


A simple weak stab that can double in damage if done behind the foes back. does 1-4 Dmg but 2-8 dmg if backstabbed

a simple ranged attack that requires precision to use. does 1-6 Dmg

Rapid slash:
a flurry of attacks that leave the user vulnerable to attacks as they cannot dodge any incoming attacks after their turn. 1-12 Dmg



Fist fury


Fist fury:
a flurry of fists. does 1-8 dmg

a simple spell that lasts one full cycle through characters. once it is users turn, gives a random buff to either Agility, or physique.

A somewhat strong attack that is able to stun an opponent. does 1-6 Dmg

Sorry if that was a bit of a large info dump! ^^^

Good luck, if you end up dying just make a new character!

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do we have 10 or 12 skill points because in the sheet you say 10 but in the elaborations you say 10 and 12?

Looks fun, i’ll make a sheet in a bit.

Cool! Count me in. What does Pinpoint monk spell do?

Name: Johansson Bread-Cleaver

Age: 25

Class: Mage

Strength: 1
Physique: 1
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 2
Agility: 3

Fire ball
Water jet

Name: Zunar

Age: 33

Class: Monk

Strength: 3

physique: 2

Intelligence: 1

Charisma: 2

Agility: 4

Spells/attacks: Fist Fury, Pinpoint

Name: Alithia Swiftwind

Age: 23

Class: Archer

Strength: 1

physique: 4 (Due to +1)

Intelligence: 2

Charisma: 2

Agility: 5 (Due to +1)

Attacks/Spells: Calming Winds, Snipe.

Sorry about that error, i wrote this quite late in, its 12 skill points.

aight, noted!

ill clarify it on the elaboration thing, sorry about the error

Accepted Johansson Bread-Cleaver.

accepted Zunar

accepted Alithia Swiftwind

accepted Crispus

Accepted Flare Crest


Sorry, but your -12 intelligence isn’t really necessary, and the refrences to the old island survival game arent really lore compatible. try to stick to the character sheet. you didnt need to add all the extra details, my main problems are your backstory and intelligence stat, thats all. after you fix it i will gladly accept your character.

Accepted Sir Nerd II
Your relation to a sir nerd is fine, i just might have to change nerd lords story a bit, if thats fine with you.

2 more days left for recruiting!

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Name: Crispus

Age: 32

Class: Mage

Strength: 1

Physique: 1

Intelligence: 4

Charisma: 5

Agility: 1

Attacks/Spells: Healing Aura, Fire Ball

Name: Flare Crest

Age: 18

Class: Mage

Strength: 1

Physique: 2

Intelligence: 6

Charisma: 2

Agility: 1

Fire Ball
Healing Aura

Does this mark the death of the island survival?

Well that’s where you are wrong, because my character has a backstory!
Name: Nerd Lord
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Class: Rogue
Alignment: True Neutral
Strength: 6
Physique: 3
Intelligence: After the terrible time of being insane on the island he has an amazing score of -12 in this field
Cha: 2
agility: 1
Attacks/Spells: Power of the insane (Distract anyone by talking to his “friends”…) Back-stab(self explanatory) Power of the Insane² (be able to name any unnamed inanimate object and then gains the ablity to be come it’s “friend…”
This man used to be considered Lord of the Nerds, but after being stranded on an island he was presumed dead on a terrible plane accident. Despite being on this island for only a week he went completly insane beyond the help of psychology, and will not travel without the following:
Fred his trusty hobo stick with a shirt pouch
his Girlfriend jacket
two sweatshirts tied together he always sleeps on named Fred JR.
His best friend Phil the jacket

damn does this work?
OH NOOOO in a tragic litteral backstab by Fred the pouch… Nerd Lord DIED saying “et tu brute?”!!! Not at all unlike the play Julius Caesar
But fear NOT his close cousin takes this story
Name: Sir Nerd II
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Knight
Strength: 5
Physique: 1
Intelligence: 2 (a lot smarter than his idiot cousin)
Charisma: 1
Agility: 3
Hopefuly it won’t mess the story up to bad if they were related to eachother?
however if not i will just keep everything else the same and remove the relation entirely.

because of how fast people have joined, i will be shortening the recruiting time, tomorrow is the last day to join before we start!


Today is the last day to join before the game begins!

guys, im going to need you to pick a color for your character. we cant have duplicate colors!

There is going to be:
Red, pink, purple, blue, cyan, white, Lime, yellow, and finally orange.

Pick one for your character or else i will randomly select one for you!

also, heres a quick teaser for you guys:
This is the bar, the location all of you just so happen to be in


I’ll go with purple if that’s cool. Already looks fun, lol.

Orange for me, seems fitting for my character.

Bread man wants Cyan

I’ll take red.
Sample text.

Just because it is easier for me, for the people who havent decided a color, ive decided. These are each of your colors:

Spring_blooms: Purple
BowlDawg: Orange
Nein99: Cyan
Polymorph011: Red
TheNerdinTheCorner: Lime
Evolution4Weak: Blue