It’s similiar to how I had originally imagined it, but after some time I changed it so that the suns move in unison.

Also there are 5 moons too.

That’s very impressive tho.

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are they always in opposite to the suns?

Something seems off…

And what is that so?

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Certain people voted for themselves…

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Fairs do, I would vote but honestly I haven’t checked good enough to make that judgement (nor do I wanna go with gods little side projects shoved into a creature)

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Wait what? Which civ are you talking about? Teaking’s one?

Maybe it was either a “black hole” or a to something

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You mean children of cthulu, the willow’s species and civ?

I think that’s the correct one yea

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I wonder which species would be the strangest/most unique one?

Mhm I will take a look at each species and see but I will point out my bias exist for my own species cause I am more focus on something that’s cool and as you said unique than just it being made for war and being powerful, cause example us humans sacrificed a lot to be smart and have such interesting cultures.

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The there’s doom’s species which is also quite an interesting one since it’s a 4-dimensional creature.

Honestly all species here seem to be highly unique.

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@TwilightWings21 I need your votes

As far as I can tell twilight shoild be available at the school year’s end, as they have been busy with school over the last few months.