Make Names for Past & Future Versions

So basically, name Past releases (0.0.1 - aswell as make names for future releases, maybe even beyond full release of The Thrive.

  1. Try making every release having fairly diffrent names
  2. Try not to oversimplyfy entire update in it’s name (For Instance: 0.5.8: The Update That Added The Multicellular Prototype and Signal Agent)

o.o.1 aidshaiuhifbiafihafuwriazbvibiesdfiueiazh1

The beginning update

Pushed back Starting line

ok, maybe naming prototypes with like 1 bugfix diffrence between them wasn’t a good idea

0.0.2 the first update

0.5.8 - It’s Growing!

(Or something along those lines, I was thinking ‘we’re only making it stronger’ as well perhaps)

0.0.3 the second update

0.0.4 the 3rd update

0.0.5: Last of the Double zero update

0.4.3: the combat update

The Macro Update

0.3.1 The caves and cliffs update

Dreaming big i see.hehe

the Godotification update

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Necroposting, because there is a predudice against it

I have nothing against necroposting if you’re adding something, but as you don’t seem to have a new idea, I think this is seriously disrespectful to our notifications and is just going to encourage more unhelpful behavior.

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Im simply encouraging responses, to revive the thread I like.

Then post something relevant, the only responses you are gonna have are going to be to answer you and then stop


You have singlehandedly proved yourself wrong

Anyway, 1.0.0 the impossible