Master of Evolution- Forum Game

This is my first forum game, so plz don’t be too harsh on me. I’ll start the game at 3-4 players.

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When you join, you will randomly be assigned a random plant card. You’ll start with 5 energy and 3 evo cards. To win you’ll have to evolve into an apex predator.


Plants: Grass (Land), Leaves (Sky), Seaweed (Ocean)
Tier 1: Rabbit (Land), Quail (Sky), Fish (Ocean)
Tier 2: Fox (Land), Woodpecker (Sky), Penguins (Ocean)
Tier 3: Hyena (Land), Hawks (Sky), Dolphins (Ocean)
Apex: Mountain Lion (Land), Eagles (Sky), Orcas (Ocean)


To become an apex predator, you must evolve. To evolve, you must have at least 5 times the tier you are evolving into in energy except for apex evo, which costs 50 energy. You also need 3 evolve cards and 3 of the animal you are evolving into. You can only evolve into an animal of the same type and only 1 tier up. If you don’t have enough cards, you may gain a card and may evolve if it is the correct card, otherwise you keep that card without evolving. If you are able to evolve (and choose to), you have a 1/6 (1/6) chance to lose the energy, but not evolve, a 1/3 (2/6) chance to lose the cards to evolve without evolving and a 1/2 (3/6) chance to pay the cost to evolve and evolve.


During your turn you may fight another animal to try to collect it and gain energy. I will roll a d20 for both you and your opponent. I’ll then add how many tiers ahead you are or subtract the amount of tiers you are behind. If the opponent is an apex predator, 2 will be added. The higher final score will win. If you win, you will collect an animal card and gain energy based on your tier and your opponent’s tier. If your opponent is a player, you will steal a random card. If your opponent is wild animal, you will collect them. If you lose, you lose a tenth of your energy (rounded down) and move back an evolution stage. If you tie, nothing happens and if your opponent is a wild animal, it will go away.


There are 2 ways to collect energy, combat and being a plant. If you are in a lower tier than the opponent that you defeated, you gain 15 energy. If you are in the same tier as the opponent you defeated, you gain 7 energy. If you are in a higher tier than the opponent you defeated, you gain 3 energy. You passively gain 5 energy per turn as a plant.


Every round, the order of play is first come first serve (the faster you get your response in, the earlier your turn happens). Your turn will consist of 3 parts, the start, your action, and the end.

Start- Draw an evolution card or discover a wild animal. If you are a plant, this is when you gain energy

Action- Draw an evolution card, discover another wild animal, fight, or attempt of evolve

End- Get rid of a card, if you have more than 10 cards, you have to discard another card


To join, just say that you are in

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Im in, but to clarify, 5 grass = 1 rabbit?

no, 3 rabbits = chance to evolve into rabbit (if you have enough energy) For a rabbit you’d need 5 energy bc it is a tier 1 evolve

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please dont double post


I’m in.
I’ll join all the forum games!!!


sorry about that (post filler)


I will join too

Becuse i can


“I’m in,” he said coolly.


4 players are in so the first round will happen soon. If anyone else wishes to join, I’d like them to join before tomorrow at about 8:00pm Mountain Standard Time.

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“I indeed will enjoy this forum game.” He sipped his tea calmly while observing the city below, wondering if he could embezzel funds from parlament, as the average british would.

His breifcase contained a pipebomb filled with blackpowder, more of a distraction. The man slowly dipped his biscut into his tea, before a knock was hared on the door,


Whith a slight grin on his face the man quickley jumped out of the apartment window, the supernatural powers administration was but a pest in his mind, the wind quickly whipped around the man as a mystical gravity well apprared infront of him.

Millisexonds became hours in the ergosphere, as he lavishly sipped his freshly brewed glass of herbal tea, an associate of his reccomended oolong, but it seeamed a little too earl for his tastes.

Time passed as the man had formed another well on top of him, as spacetime streatched he was catapulted to his destination.

___ Vienna S.

“Bring me him now!”

The deranged woman screamed at the black coated man, shadows whirrled along his skin, masking his identity, only the mans pulsating gold eyes were seen.

“Yes, my sire, you have my word.”

The monotonous tone of the figues voice resounded throuought the dimly lit room, old bricks made of stone lined the walls as the stench of death wavered eternally.

Vianna clicked her tongue, the man they were after had been their target for several years, but every time they caught him he seemed as if a diffrent person. This man was worth hundreds of billions of dollars, every government in the world had a bounty on him.

She quickly paced back up the stairs into the chamber above. Her fiance’s mansion was large, but did not suit her tastes, she had throuought their 5 years slowly repaced all the workers with those loyal to her, after all l, who wasnt after the Yorkenshires fortune.

Endless talent in artifact making, expert blacksmiths, rubic formation creators, you name it they had it, their very words changed the world.

With that power she could funally rid the SPAM of that swine that was Hans.

___ Hans

“Being british is hard work!”

After being isolated for years because of the association, hans had grown accustom to speaking to himself, slowly drifting away from being sane.

That was just one of the things the association took away from him and many others, suppressing those who resisted or were too powerful to control.

Some lost their family, some their identity, but for most it was their life.

The world of supernaturals was a frightening place, demons and angles seemingly coexisted in the mundane realm, while the forces fought just out of sight.

Hans had long since given up his humanity, training his gravity manipulation until he himself could control time.

Life was just so boring,

If only he could go back…

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I will join. Ok. Also, hello


Round 1

The beginning of evolution…


GodofKnowledge feels an awakening. They sense the wind flowing around them. They try to move, but can’t. They feel detached from everything, free to fly. They then realized they have become a leaf.

You are of the sky, you must try to become the sharp eyed eagle, one of the fiercest winged beasts of all.

You have 1 quail, 2 hawks, and 5 energy


Centarian finds that it has been collected into some entity. They sense some sort of ground below them. They feel something above them and discern that they are a blade of grass.

You are of the land, you must become the feral mountain lion, one of the most powerful land dwelling animals there are.

You hold 1 hyena, 1 mountain lion, 1 penguin, and 5 energy.


doomlightning senses their being gathered into a mass. They sense currents all around them. They are swaying in some other large mass with animals all around. They perceive they are a piece of seaweed, swaying in the ocean.

You are of the ocean, you must attempt to become the hostile orca, one of the most vicious ocean inhabitants there is.

You posses 1 leaf, 1 seaweed, 1 penguin, and 5 energy.


YourbroGarson notices them self assembling into something. They feel the ground around their…roots? They sense many other similar beings close to them. They conclude that they are a piece of grass.

You are of the land, you must become the wild mountain lion, one of the most dangerous land dwelling animals there are.

You hold 1 woodpecker, 1 hyena, 1 penguin, and 5 energy.


Wolf7 observes that their structure has been infused into something. They sense the wind flying about them. They hear wings fluttering around them. They then understand what they are, they have become a leaf.

You are of the sky, you must try to become the intelligent eagle, one of the most menacing winged beasts of all.

You have 1 rabbit, 1 fish, 1 woodpecker, and 5 energy

Wild Creatures

1 seaweed, 1 rabbit, 1 hyena, 1 hawk, 1 mountain lion

Good luck on your path to become…the Master of Evolution…
@GodOfKnowledge @Centarian @doomlightning @YourbroGarson @Wolf7


Neat, defeat the hawk

there is 3 parts to the turn. you did your action, but you still need to do the beginning and end of your turn.

Can I fight GodOfKnowledge?

yes, it would be your action

Ok, I will fight him then.

similar to GodofKnowledge, you need to write out your entire turn. reference my reply to him to see how.