Maybe underwhater tribes and civilizations whil be good

i whana make a underwhater empire but whil you be able to maket in awakening in the water
il make a poll of people ho think this is a good addon and when the devs start working on the stages after the aware stage they can make this a dlc to ern money

  • yes it shoud be a dlc
  • no it shoud be its own stage in the nex stages
  • no i hate this

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If it is proved to be impossible, I think it would be hilarious to make underwater civilizations a dlc.


Ok maybe idk :thinking:

На чет., 18 авг. 2022 г. 21:29, OoferDoofer via Thrive Community Forum <> напиша:

Ok maybe idk :thinking: but how do i see ho voted what

There is a button at the bottom of the pill. Press that

Not show vote but who votet or am i not seeing it

Oh no… This isn’t Underwater Civs 5 is it?

i think this is more a discussion of if underwater civs should be included, not necessarily thier feasability, maybe even despite feasability.

I just cant belive the vote i thout evry body whil go for i hate this

It’s become a meme at this point

Ik right :sweat_smile: it whasent sopouust to go this way

I sense an incoming lock from the all-seeing-eye.

Here’s a thread with an attempt at a substantial argument for underwater civs: The Holy Grail: Hhyyrylainen’s Challenge of UC Metalworking Completed and Formalized with 47 Citations! - #14 by hhyyrylainen


It seems this thread just asks for stone age underwater civs. That’s never really been a debate at all. Only if you want metalworking or advancing to industrial and later stages as an underwater civs. So I’ll leave this open just as a general talk thread about underwater stone age tribes.

For more advanced underwater civs, there’s been a bunch of debate as @Deus mentioned. Like: