Meta thread for the forum game

this one Lets make a planetary ecosystem, species by species

Sounds interesting, I’ll probably make a few submissions.
Here’s a quick starting region submission:

• Name: Moondust Atoll

• Location: Somewhere near the equator, in a shallow section of sea (currently nothing to place it relative to)

• Description:
The Moondust Atoll is an ancient, 3km wide, meteor crater.
Around the atoll are many reef beds and small islands forming ripples centered on the crater.
The impact has made the region rich in inorganic compounds, and contains a fair amount of organic compounds, but most of the meteor still sits beneath the crater bed.

About how it should be shaped

Edit: I just realized that the open ocean needs to be filled first, save this one for later then.

why only simple animals?

cause were making all the other ones

oh ok, I misunderstood what you were saying and thought we could only make simple animals

if that was true then neither of my animals would follow my own rules lol

the location should be more specific then “generic ocean” there are many different biomes that would affect what lives there like tropical, polar, open, and deep sea.

well the pacific ocean is a generic ocean but it has pretty much all of these