Microbe stage is too similar to earth Microbes

Basically, when I see the microbes in the stage, they look too earth like in structure, having a nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum around it, mitochondria, chloroplasts; standard earth microbe organelles. I think that what should happen to make the game more alien like is to have the ability to create your own organelles, by using a combination of vessels, structures, and chemicals in the vessels in order to accomplish certain tasks. Also, since mitochondria are thought to have been their own independent organism before being an organelle, I think that it would be interesting to see symbiosis in the game somehow.

Extra thingir- I also think that viruses, and chemical hazards would be an interesting feature to see in the game.

We are planning to let you make your own organelles from what I remember. Some weird graph thing on the old forum, can’t remember what it looks like specifically.

Viruses are also planned but from what I know nobody’s got a solid concept down yet. I’m unsure about chemical hazards.

From what I remember from the last discussion about viruses they are quite problematic as they are very tiny, so tiny that we couldn’t show them on screen with cells. Unless they were clouds of some kind (not sure how realistic this is) you would just spontaneously die from them. Not a good addition.

The plan is to make unlocking new organelles work by absorbing others with them. And as I said in another thread you will star the game (in the future) without many of the organelles.

The reason why we are doing things found on earth first is that it’s easy to find information about them and we don’t have to research physics for what is possible (there are certainly plans to allow physically possible things even if they aren’t on earth). And how much different would that make the gameplay of later stages? Would it actually matter if you had a slightly alternative way of making energy instead of mitochondria? If it doesn’t affect much at all it will be a low priority, at least for me.


That isn’t true (I think), you can make your own multicellar organs .
The graph thing was only for specializing your pre-existing organelles (I.E. by making the flagella shorter to allow for easier manouvring, but with a smaller top speed)


That probably won’t be in the game because cilia will be used to make turning faster. A better example of improving organelles would be updating the membrane to a cell wall or evolving to resist some toxins by not absorbing them, for example.


Unlocking organelles by absorbing one’s that have them? Doesnt seem fair as the other cells would be able to access the organelles when you can’t at the start. Unless you talking about the organelles being their own organisms at first, I think there would be a better way to implement something like this.

Well, that’s the gist of endosymbiosis, which is how chloroplasts and toxin vacuoles are currently unlocked. Pretty sure that’s what he meant.

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Necro time, viruses could be visible specks, not super tiny but still really small, yes the size isn’t realistic because they are small but they are an important part of the environment. They shouldn’t be insta killers though. The different viruses have different colors (little red, purple, or green specks) with different affects, the player wouldn’t know what each virus does and might even die but the player will learn (hopefully).

Or just develop a way to let you get a better immune system to fight off viruses :thinking:

Maybe the immune system is something your cell develops, if your cell survives and encounter with a virus then it have a copy of that viruses DNA and all future cells have an immune defense against that virus type.

AI doesnt need to worry about unlocking, though now the AI can handle it so we could have it for them.

I agree that stuff is too earthlike, but in all honesty, how do you even make a microbe not earthlike?

making it silicon based?
Silicon based life

Fun, squiggly alien organelles