Silicon based life

Thats a little far fetched.

How about a civilization of races that are silicon based? Rather than carbon based?


If the silicon based creatures breathed oxygen as we do, then that would be a little tricky.
As carbon based lifeforms breathe oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide (a mixture of carbon and oxygen), a gas.
If silicon did this, they would exhale/excrete silicon dioxide (quartz), a solid. The respiration mechanism required would have to be quite ingenious. They would then have to get rid of this quartz, perhaps in the form of sand…
Short Answer: Hard, but possible.


If humans where silicon based, then we would be coughing up quartz sand every time we exhaled, so defenitly (cant spell β€œdefenitly” correctly for the life of me) not with the lungs we have, silicon based lifeforms will probably need a completely different way of doing so.

That’s a terrible way to live. Though silicon based organisms are an interesting topic to delve on.

How would they become sapient? How would they create civilization?

Depends on the limits they have compared to carbon based lifeforms

I believe that a silicon based lifeform would have a oneway respiration tract, breathing in oxygen and perhaps mixing the sand with water or mucus to dispose of it out the other end, instead of what carbon based beings do (in and out the same way)

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So it ends up in the digestive track, going out β€œthe other end”?

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Basically, except it may have mucus covering it.

maybe, but I meant a seperate track, for respiration only

Sounds neat!

Ya know, it seems like QuantumCrab, Biologicah and I seem pretty active compared to other users.

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So we have both the end of the digestive tract and a sort of organ that covers the quartz in a coat of mucus, as well as a sort of exhaling tube for the quartz to exit the body from?

So essentially it could end up going through large pores, or go through a nose or something.

I was thinking a sort of second anus, serves the same purpose but waste comes out of it much more often.

Why not connect the seperate tubes into one intersection for more safety, i suppose?

So creatures would leave long trails of gooey sand along the planets surface, and have two butts.

Silicon based lifeforms sound awesome!

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There we have it, fellas.
Silicon-based life excretes mucus-coated sand through a separate anus-like structure.

Life is truly beautiful, sometimes in the strangest of ways.

what the Belgium did I just read?

Science can create so many amazing creatures. Lets hope we don’t see a bunch of creatures excreting mucus-coated sand through a second anal cavity in the future game.

Though they would be very interesting to research, albeit fun.

In fact, would OTHER materials besides carbon and silicon be possible, albeit the right conditions?

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