Silicon based life

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I’m really not sure. You see, carbon and silicon are both very stable yet flexible chemicals, allowing for many different compounds and forms. I don’t know of any others that are the same…

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According to this wikipedia page:

tl;dr: Yes, for example Titanium, aluminium, magnesium, iron and sulfur

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As soon as you begin to break down what life is, its really just a whole lot of dead chemistry that can self-replicate. So there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to this…

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metal people? cool!

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Narrator: The Silicon Crab or Rock Lobster, as the locals are calling it, is an astonishing creature to watch as is crawls around leaving a trail of mucus covered quartz in it’s wake.

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Or instead of having quartz diarrhea everytime you breath they have a second bladder type organ that holds the quartz and then it poops it out as quartz poop or diarrhea

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I now have the image of someone in pain aggresively launching diarrhea filled with sharp quartz out of his rear.

Thanks, @Rednascar11

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What :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I meant just pooping out the quartz out of a second anus

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The parrot fish poops out sand every so often:

So perhaps aquatic silicon-based lifeforms would have an easier time

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That is how those white sand beaches are made.So ur playing in fish poop

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wait i have an idea instead of breathing oxygen the silicone lifeforms breath nitrogen then they dont breath out quartz i think

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What if it was managed to be excreted through the skin, as in it would become like a secondary protective layer?

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Ever thought of a flying silicon based life form? Is that possible? Producing quartz as waste seems like it would be really heavy plus silicon being heavier than carbon.

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it might work

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They wouldn’t, but they would then be breathing out metal fragments. Silicon Nitride is very resistant to heat so maybe instead of breathing it out, it could just have it cover the outside and slowly form a metal shell.

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oh and they could use it as body armor sorta

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i like it!

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Your welcome :smile:

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Why not both?
:confetti_ball: :taco: :tada:

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If everyone has the metalshell predators whoud evolve to crack it so it whoud be the same