Modded Minecraft SMP Server

Hello, so about 2-3 months from when this was posted I’m going to start a modded Minecraft Java edition server.
The version will be 1.19.3

List of mods I remember adding

Alex’s Mobs
Ad Astra
More player animations
Immersive armors
Immersive Weapons
Serene seasons
Proximity chat
Just Enough Items
Create (and add-ons)
(And each of their dependencies)

The list will be updated when I start the server or remember what I put on it.

Feel free to suggest mods and a names for the SMP while we wait for me to help a server.

Note: this is not strictly for the thrive community, I’m also inviting a few other people I know IRL


“Centarian Minecraft Server” would be a good name?

I don’t want to blatantly put my name in the title.

I should probably put JEI on there.

Chest cavity mod

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I’m not sure, but I think that might interfere with the lifesteal mod. I’ll find out later.

why not some tinkers construct? thats a really good mod

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I’ll have to look it up, but maybe.

I’d recommend Infernal Expansion, as well as maybe Wyrmroost

IE is a relatively small Nether expansion, and Vanilla+, while Wyrmroost is a mod with tameable dragons of various kinds. (Idk if Wyrmroost has updated though - they were having problems getting coders last time I checked)


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Alright so who’s up for a modded 1.19.3 Java server 2-3 months from now?


What mods?

Ad Astra, Terralith, Alex’s mobs, Life steal, serene seasons, more player animations, and each of their dependencies.

IDK the full list, but I’ll get it up on its own thread when I can set up the server.


Good idea, however to also add a thrive theme we would need to have a bacteria mod of sorts

Maybe the realistic genetics mod.

add the chest cavity mod:

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I’ll try to remember for when I can change the mod list, likely the same time I will be able to set up the server. I should make a mod suggestion thread.

…origins mod and like…that one origins mod that adds like 100 origins

Oh no, I wonder how that will mesh with ad astra. Especially with the underwater origins.

add the Create mod.

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