Movement Speed

I want know what the cell’s speed depend on.

Why are these two so special?

Organelles have different masses so most organelle types have different impact on the speed when added.

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At present, unless flagella are placed, the speed of placing any structural cells will decrease. But even if it depends on the fluidity of the cell membrane, more membranes will provide more mobility, and larger cells should not always be slower than small cells.

Possible ideas:
Cells should have the following parameters:
Size, Surface area
Mass, Movement
Mass is the total mass of cell structure. Different organelle have different masses, and different cell walls increase mass according to surface area.
Movement is provided by cell membrane fluidity and move organs, cell membranes provide Movement based on membrane fluidity and surface area size, flagella directly provides certain Movement(Possible component upgrades), and motile cilia and pseudopodia provide Movement based on surface area distribution.
Mass and Movement determine Speed together.

One strategy is to place more small mass structures to increase speed.