Multicellular Editor

The plan is already for the player to switch over to placing tissues instead of individual cells at some point. I didn’t find a thread specifically for this but here are some discussions about this:

I merged in the duplicate thread as the change to placing tissues is still within the multicellular stage. But also placing individual cells in an editor from a pool of different types the player has created is also part of the multicellular stage.

Being just a clump of a few cells is early multicellular and moving to placing tissues is later multicellular. I guess there could be a stage boundary defined to be there instead of when you get signaling agents. I don’t think it’s a huge issue. Maybe @tjwhale has something to say about this.

Yeah I think in general it’s nice if it all feels continuous. The 2d multicellular will feel a lot like the microbe stage I think, you’ll just be bigger but you’ll still interact with single cells.

i got an idea on how we could make the multiceliular editor after remembering from my biology class how during early embryonic development the new organism develops during the process of gastrulation, insted of placing tissiues we could divide tissiue layers into sections, witch than we could manipulate and re shape by dragging theme in or out to create for exsample a digestive track, a muscle sack(like the one in Nematodes) an eye or another tissiue layer. each section would be made out of one type of tissiue and set wether after forming it would exspand inwards, outwards(filling the empty space in your organism or just making it widher) or not exspand at all, this system could be used in early 2D multiceliular stage.

a picture that in short exsplains gastrulation:

anatomy of a nematode, a animal that could teoreticly be recreated ussing this proposed eitor:


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I think the plan is already to sculpt.