Multicellular Organisms!

With the release of the 0.5.8 beta version, the early multicellular stage prototype has been released! Share screenshots of your multicellular organisms here.

I’ll start with mine, a 20-celled organism with the uncreative name “Primum Multicellularium”.

It is composed of four cell types -

Basic, which is just the original organism that achieved multicellularity, located in the centre of the organism.

Attack, lacking a flagellum, but obtaining a Predatory Pilus and the ability to create OxyToxy, located at the front of the organism.

Movement, a cell type which has a very fluid membrane and multiple flagellum (although it looks like it just has one) located at the back of the organism.

And finally the Ammonia Factory, Ammonia creating cells located at the side of the organism.




i sucks in the bigging to creaet a new ones so i make a tall boy to use the iron chank to move around XD
(it need nerf)

(i dont have the farther pic, soo i use that as ilostartor)

Why didn’t you become multicellular?

My cells…


I will call it…Hydratus Gigantium.

also help, my species is too efficient the ecosystem is crashing

the blue high line is me


I did, i just dont have a pic, and the creater have die ranomly (it a plant)

someone is gonna make an amogus cell arent they?


made a house in early multicellular stage, feeling good.

already in civ stage i think.


Let’s hope something evolves

Can things be transported to cell to cell example a cell ate some iron but that cell does not have that special thing so it transport it to a other vell which does

You have just spoken it into existence. It is a matter of fate now.

Cell colonies already share resources they have with each other, so if one colony cell engulfs iron it will be available to all of the colony members.

Ask and you shall recieve


i dont quite see the sussy wussy impostor in this pic lol

Oh, that’s what it is supposed to be. I guess I kinda see it now but didn’t notice until it was pointed out, so a bit more cells is needed to define the shape.

I made this and then the game crashed
was aiming for the sort of ‘mobile mouth’ setup

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Ok, this is a smart move to make. You have the basis for a digestive system later on. Just hope you dont have any ghosts following you

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Full Body Code

Here is the Etoavus Vaotesum of the planet Vaotes. It lives in the icy waters of the Vaotesese Ice shelf. All cells have 4 mitochondria, 4 chloroplasts, 1 binding agent and 1 rusticyanin. There are 5 cell types.

  1. “Stem”, the sort of core and the only one with two flagellum and a signaling agent. It has a double membrane and a pilus with which to kill prey.
  2. “Left Cheek”, the same as the stem but with one flagellum and the pilus is slightly to the right of the cell.
  3. “Right Cheek”, same as the left cheek but the pilus is mirrored.
  4. “Gut”, one flagellum and no pilus, it has a normal membrane for easier digestion.
  5. “Shell”, the same as the gut but with a silica membrane for protection.

My idea is that this creature will have a sort of goo as a digestive system; the three pilus keep prey in place, then when they die their innards are moved to the gut where they are absorbed. The rusticyanin will store iron and act as a sort of backup for energy, like a camel’s hump. Sorry if this explanation seems a little unorganized, this is my basic plan but I’ll see how it goes.

(I have more pictures if you want)


i don’t have thrive yet. does auto evo create multicell organism?