Multicellular Stage Prototype?

What will be the basic things for the Multicellular Stage Prototype?

  • Game
    • Compounds & Process
    • Auto-Evo?
  • Editor
    • Nervous System
    • Reproductive System
    • Cell Management (move, add, specialize)

Based on this post:

@hhyyrylainen, did I guess right or is there anything wrong on what I suggested?


All of the prototypes will be as simple as possible to get them all done ASAP. Instead of thinking about less polished versions of the stages, think more like white cubes moving around on a single coloured plane to represent creatures moving around.

That’s the case for all the prototypes, initially as simple as possible.


Well the scope of a prototype is only to get the proof of concept, correct? How much scope can you add to such a prototype? Is the reel just going to prove you can add hinge joints to cells when they touch? Will you add an extra little editor? Not really asking for specifics, but what you hope to prove in a prototype.

I’m going to implement them in the main codebase. I’m calling them prototypes to manage expectations in order to not have people screaming “OMG aware stage will be in the game in a few months!”


I feel more and more depressed for the community for every post I read that’s from a dev, lol

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Since I am fairly sure what a game prototype is, what are you planning to prove? Have you decided yet? I know for a fact you will attempt to prove you can add the actual bind mechanics. Any thoughts or pseudocode for how that will be built up? Anything else like tugging and adhesion mechanics later on?

I’m trying to show roughly how the stage transitions will go and something about what the main gameplay in the stage is like. Also this should shut up anyone saying that it’s not possible to make thrive. A lot of the drive stems from people not giving thrive a chance because their favourite stage is not in yet. After the prototypes are in I can point to them and say “then why are you not contributing to expand the prototype of your favourite stage?”


you sound frustrated

I approve his opinion, though. That’s why I’m a fan of the Microbe Stage; it’s because I support what is currently in the game and what the devs want the game to have in the near future.

We can do it!


He’s more than right to look frustrated. Contributing so much for the future of an ambitious project and hearing that it will never be finished from some people, would be difficult for any of us. If it weren’t for him, Thrive would still be in the dark ages it has been for most of its existence.

So I totally agree with hhyyrylainen’s plan, to prove that it is possible and to make people contribute to the project. This was what the creators of the Thrive concept wanted since the beginning, an “utopia”, where the ideal, realistic game, creates engaging, compelling gameplay that respects our player’s intelligence, and remain as accurate as possible in our depiction of known scientific theory without compromising the former, where the project is open source, with enough manpower to feed this ambitious and promising game, with incredible potential. This is what Thrive was and is meant to be.

I totally support that, hhyyrylainen. Congratulations for the initiative :thrive:


Didn’t mean for it to look like he didn’t have the right to. I just meant to state out he’s seen the same replies of people supporting and dropping too many time, therefore his sentences coming out to look a bit upset. Sucks that most joining devs hardly ever commit after a couple months or even days. I can see why we don’t celebrate for new devs as much anymore :confused:


I didn’t want to oppose your opinion, I was just agreeing that indeed he sounded like that and I was just complementing that he was more than right to sound so.
Maybe the hhyyrylainen’s plan™ can help people not lose hype so quickly as they can work on more stages, which would also make some “non-microbe lovers” want to contribute now

Hell yeah brother preach!.

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I wish so badly I could help, but I already knew how complicated programming was to begin with; after seeing all the work that’s already been done and knowing we’re still a long ways off, I don’t think I’m nearly smart enough to help with anything related to programming. I can only spread the word and hope someone more tech savvy can help. This is why I paid for the Steam version instead of just downloading the free version; even if Steam gets a cut of the profits I’m still showing support (it also doesn’t hurt to have a sort of backup so if something bad happens to my computer I can get the game back without much trouble.

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