Multiheaded creatures

I’m just wondering if there are going to be multiheaded creatures? And how is it going to work? And if you thing that’s impossible for life to create multiheaded animals there actually are! Just search it.

I think this’d be fine, there would just need to be two separate brains. This would have some consequences though, like the creature taking longer to develop in the womb/egg, or reproduction costing more.

Two heads seems like a huge waste of resources. Which is likely the reason we don’t see that happening on Earth. There’s just no reason to have multiple heads as you can have eyes that can be moved independently to be able to look at many things at once.

So if you made a creature with two heads in Thrive you would on purpose take a permanent debuff to your creature.

If you can find an example that isn’t the result of an accident, I’d like to see it

smpost_1521147030780 here

That is clearly a mutation, and not a creature that will live for very long in the wild.

Yeah, the only results for real multi-headed creatures that I could find were obviously genetic mistakes. To be honest, I kinda like the idea of a horrific mutation that would give your creature multiple heads, but that should be a random debuff, not something you should aim for. I think you should still have the option to, but it should come with some major consequences.

“not an accident”
Shows accidental mutation


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This isn’t necessarily a mutation. Remember that DNA codes proteins. Therefore, it would be difficult to know what protein could cause the animal to have two heads instead of one. This is probably a simple malformation due to a physical force or something similar to that.
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I could see the use of two heads in the ocean, like the plesiosaur, it used it’s long neck to catch fish before they spot it’s large body but if it had two heads on two necks it could catch twice the fish. Although how much energy used over gained may not result positive since brains take a lot.

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You could also have just one brain, by putting it somewhere in the body (or other place depending on biology) and have the necks and heads be used for appropriate stuff. You may have trouble coming up with a way for having any practical eyes, but eh

What would be the evolutionary steps tho? I’d assume the creature would start with having 2 mouths near the same area, but what would be the evolutionary advantage of that? Being able to eat a plant twice as fast or something? Already having 2 mouths would be pretty weird, since they’d have to share the same esophagus (an entire different esophagus is a bit too large of a step), which even less of an advantage.

It could have some offensive/defensive capabilities, say one head takes on an animal while the other head takes on the same animal from the side. Could also be used for carrying more stuff, but that’s what hands are made for to begin with.

It used to be theorized that stegosaurus had a second brain in their tails. It has since been disproved, but maybe the “second head” of a Thrive creature could be something like that.

Multiple heads would be useful with tubular eyes, and could allow creatures to have multiple whole skull jaw adaptations (so, a creature adapted for powerful biting AND swallowing large objects).

The moray eel has two sets of jaws. Would that technically count as 2 heads?


Woah i never knew that! I don’t think that counts as two complete heads though, the way i see it is a throat with teeth. I think a scientifically accurate multi-headed creature would be something that in the early stages evolved two or more extremities used for feeding, pretty much like the pharynx of a flatworm, and maybe each would evolve a single eye?

So you’re saying it would basically be a head with 2 mouth-arms, each with a single, independent eye? I feel like that would probably be the best outcome for a two-headed creature, but I feel that kind of model would only really work underwater, like with @Steve ‘s plesiosaur idea.

Yeah I guess it would basically be like that. It’s really the most realistic version I can think of. I think someone playing the game in the future would try and make something like that on land but like you said this model would work best underwater.