Would multiplayer even be possible in a game like thrive?

I was thinking something like little fun evoraces, kinda like the forum games except not at all.

Basically, the whole thing is about being given a singular template and then starting to evolve to outcompete other players, the end goal being reaching the aware/awakening stage.

Is this a good idea? Or is Thrive a game for not much multiplayings?

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There’s some place (maybe the FAQ) where it is detailed that at some point there would be individual stages that could be played in multiplayer, which is similar to your idea.

I’m not sure whether it will be possible to have multiplayer span multiple stages, but there’s definitely going to be at least cut down versions of individual stages available for multiplayer.

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Perhaps after one gets to the next stage with idk 3 minutes before everyone else, they enter a spec mode for those 3 mins untill everyone finishes, afterwards starting the game but the first player starts and the others wait for 3 minutes untill they start, so to keep it fair.

This is the explanation @hhyyrylainen was referring to, which I think still gives the best answer we can:


I see. Thanks, Oliver.

You are indeed a true hero

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This thread answered my inner question. Thanks. When Project Thrive will become more popular and advanced, maybe some sort of community servers will emerge from the shadows just like the first cell, LUCA, appeared in the ocean on Earth and took its own way to thrive.

Would there be a mode for multiplayer that would be an rts using the units from your civilization you made.

two months and nobody answered my question

in case you need clarification i was asking whether or not the multiplayer mode (if you have one) would basically be like starcraft but all the units were made by you in the single player or some other time

(would be funny seeing what my older brother could come up with)

What a 2 month pause that was. Back to the topic, you are suggesting players saving their species and upload it so they can download it for multiplayer use?

That is not the idea of multiplayer I had in my head.

So you are basically suggesting that we rip-off a strategy game and instead of normal units each player would pick creatures made with the thrive editor? If that’s the case, then I’d say that’s pretty unlikely.

What has been the official plan for a long time is to have certain parts of stages (possibly with simplification) work in multiplayer. The first multiplayer prototype will likely be just dogfighting with cells (probably with toxin vacuoles) and the editor won’t be accessible.

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How about a tournament type thing?

Players would start out with a default cell perhaps, then the ones who make it to the next round can evolve with the stuff they get from the previous round, and would go onward until one player remained.

Why not interacting with other players like in all the other games such as Rust, Ark, etc. ? A certain amount of players could play together, everyone has his/her own species to evolve (or some of the players have the same species) and they could interact with each other (kill, befriend, ally, reproduce and give birth to some weird sterile mutant, declaring war or unification, steal everybody’s kill, … friendly fire, etc. ).

i didn’t say you exactly had to rip off starcraft i meant a strategy game LIKE starcraft (cause it was the first thing that came to mind) also dogfighting with cells reminds me of star control

my initial idea was that since you have said that multiplayer stages would be simpler than the normal stages and if my memory serves me correctly the nation stages would be an rts and that you could still fight in an rts style on the space stages and you made vehicles for fighting with in a normal non multiplayer play through and troops with weapons

basically i was saying that it uses the stuff you made in the normal nation stages in your playthrough but puts it in a simpler version of the nation stage’s combat in the multiplayer

I for one am extremely excited to dog fight with cells. The idea of a multiplayer version of the microbe stage at some point is awesome to me.

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me too (the rest is for the 20 character limit)

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What about some sort of hub mode that lets you choose one of your creations to just hang out with others and to show off your awe-inspiring creature creation skills? Not sure how that works with cellular organisms though

Like a much more in-depth Sporepedia?


( I wonder if this thread could be a Place to put your ideas for potential multiplayer modes)

What if multiplayer space stage could be a versus mode where the map is shrunk to best fit the game mode (also Would it function like empire at war with a space battle first then a ground battle next)

Where each side starts out with a certain amount of… uh… power cell… thingies,
and can use them to amass an army of their pre-existing creations.
(Can’t create them in the minigame, cause that would take forever)