(The Third Duke of Silly) #1

Would multiplayer even be possible in a game like thrive?

I was thinking something like little fun evoraces, kinda like the forum games except not at all.

Basically, the whole thing is about being given a singular template and then starting to evolve to outcompete other players, the end goal being reaching the aware/awakening stage.

Is this a good idea? Or is Thrive a game for not much multiplayings?


There’s some place (maybe the FAQ) where it is detailed that at some point there would be individual stages that could be played in multiplayer, which is similar to your idea.

I’m not sure whether it will be possible to have multiplayer span multiple stages, but there’s definitely going to be at least cut down versions of individual stages available for multiplayer.

(Johnatan Darwin) #3

Perhaps after one gets to the next stage with idk 3 minutes before everyone else, they enter a spec mode for those 3 mins untill everyone finishes, afterwards starting the game but the first player starts and the others wait for 3 minutes untill they start, so to keep it fair.

(Oliveriver) #4

This is the explanation @hhyyrylainen was referring to, which I think still gives the best answer we can:

(The Third Duke of Silly) #5

I see. Thanks, Oliver.

You are indeed a true hero

(blackjacksike) #6

This thread answered my inner question. Thanks. When Project Thrive will become more popular and advanced, maybe some sort of community servers will emerge from the shadows just like the first cell, LUCA, appeared in the ocean on Earth and took its own way to thrive.

(Xeno) #7

Would there be a mode for multiplayer that would be an rts using the units from your civilization you made.