Multiple nucleai

Is that… is that even possible?

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Imma say no to that one, chief.
Doesn’t seem very possible.

I think there are actually cells that have more than one nucleus, but they are HUGE compared to the cells you see in-game as of now. Otherwise said, a solid no from me too.

Ouch, I don’t particularly agree with it on its own either but it’s just a harmless suggestion

I just find that this could have easily gone in the quick questions thread.


Multiple nucleai have been asked in the past. And I don’t see a reason to not add it to the game at some point. It is just that as has been mentioned only large cells have multiple nucleai so maybe cells with many nucleai would be only available in the multicellular stage.


Actually, I thought that only a cell colony could have multiple nucleus.

That would be only in Aware stage, because cells cannot see. Bioluminescence would be useful for photosynthesis in Abyssopelagic biome, but not to attract prey. I guess cells can see by detecting chemicals.

Interestingly, in nature, cells can have multiple nuclei and can also see light.

How we will represent all that in the game is a different question.

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Muscle cells have many nuclei but as that is the only example I can find, I will say that only late multicellular or later stage should have this.

Btw, I think the plural of “nucleus” is nuclei/nucleouses.

Mh… I recall seing this suggestion somewhere else too, and wondering how that would work. Surely you wouldn’t be able to auto-feed yourself light, as you would end up consuming more energy than producing it. So you would have to rely on other organisms to produce light for you. Would that even be enough for photosynthesis?

I’ve seen the suggestion that bioluminescense could be usable by predator cells to lure in photosynthesizing cells by making them think near to you is a better spot to get light.

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