Multiple nucleai

Don’t Seaweeds also have multiple nuclei? I don’t know if that counts as a colony though even though the nuclei flow pretty loosely throughout the whole plant

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seaweeds are multicellular

Some species certainly are, but iirc there are some species that at the very least have no internal cell walls. I could be 100% incorrect tho

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they all have more than one distinct cell

Actually there are a lot of macroscopic seaweeds (specially clorophytes) that are syphonal or cenocytic, meaning they are one big cell with millions of nuclei. I wouldn’t call them unicellular because of the polynucleation, but they are not pluricellular either because they are just one big cytoplasm without any internal divissions.

Some examples: Caulerpa sp., Derbesia sp., Bryopsis sp, etc

if it has millions of nuclei and one cell it is still unicellular it is just called a polynucleate

Gap junctions already allow some cytoplasm to flow between the cells of multicellular species. What if polynucleation was an alternative to multicellularity, and we could switch between the two? (after choosing one)


that would add lots of replay value

That would be really cool, but ofc a polynucleated organism could not develop true tissues or organs. At least not in the way we see them on earth (maybe with LAWK dissabled?)


it could instead have regions of it’s body where different processes happen like some polynucleated amoebas that also do something called eukaryotic conjugation which is only doable for polynuclates as it is trading nuclei and they could have organ like organelles or just for example eat a human and digest all but the circulatory and respiratory systems and brain stem

It would be cool if you could get to the multicellular environment while still being unicellular if your organism was big enough and had enough nuclei.

there is an amoeba big enough to eat an ant

if multiple nuclei are added, id say that their could be a small MP bonus like 10 or so.
it could create a sort of tug between more easily maintain able cells or cells that could mutate a lot. i doubt adding just another thing to manage would be a good idea, and i defenently think this could work but it would need to have good balaceing.
a sort of complexity meter, instead of directly using the number of parts it uses the amount of “dna”. a prokariote would have say 50 complexity, most parts would be about 2 so all your photosynthisizing and metabalizing things, but spikes, flagellum, or toxin thingys could be around 5. this would create an even stronger incentive to have a nucleus. i have found that you could just have a super beefy prokaryote with a hypothetical many many parts. prokaryote are always(i think) much smaller and simpler than eukaryotes.

1 nucleus would add say a bonus 100 points for complexity, id say that most parts would now be 2x or even 3x more complexity.
extange more complexity for more osmoregulation
many eukariots have have a fairly similer base body plan

What benefits does this add?
-create an insentive to be more complex as opposed to just being a supper beefy bacteria
-another nucleus would of course add a significant osmoregulation cost

-would create another thing to manage(for both devs and players)
-might not be necisary


for the mutation points it is best to discount a percentage not give more as the MP is just always 100 and more discounts would not be extra work as the game already has mp % discounts


good, so mabie around a 5 or 10% discound, maxing out at 25 or 30% discount to prevent spaming nucleus to eventually get things for free
do you have any feedback about complexity? that is wanted.

actually it should probsably be 10% of the current undiscounted MP cost is discounted so it never reaches free parts

1 nucleus is 5% then 2 is 10% and it continues untill it reaches the cap for discount of the original. i hope i understood your post

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that is a better idea and it continues until the added discount is as big as the combination of the muticellular discount + the max mp discount for world gen

yes, until it reaches a posible maximum of around 30%
so the highest discount you could have is 30%(round down)

max world gen cost multiplier is .02x so 2% and then multicellular divides the cost by 50% so 99% off organelles is how it much would be by the time you get to the max organelle discount amount of nuclei