Multiple nucleai

i dont quite understand what your trying to say

And everything else would be discounted proportionately so it wouldnt make a difference

i forgot to put until you get to the macroscopic stage in my previous post.
another thing i forgot to put is that you should be able to make specialized regions of the cell

ok, so let me get this straight, as more nuclei are added their is a discount for parts in cell stage, the discount is cumulative but it have a maximum. and as you progress into later stages the discount gets a little larger (like an extra 2% per stage?

-1 nucleus give a 5% dicount added to a cumulative
-their is a maximum for certain types of change

the maximum discount is 30% for adding parts

the same maximum discount for cells
a tissue change discount maximum discount of 20% (streching limbs pigment small single tissue scaled changes)
maximum organ discount of 10%

this makes sense as more changes would have to happen to change a larger organism, 10% is still sizable enough
is this what yall meant?

no i meant this
MICROSCOPIC- max discount for parts is 99% which you get at 20 nuclei which is also one of the requirements to get to macroscopic as well as a size above a certain number that the devs can decide and one macronucleus is the third and final requirement
EARLY MACROSCOPIC(less than one millimeter diameter) max discount for organelles(the protein and endosymbiotic prokaryote ones) is 100% except for ones you do not have yet which it is 99% for and you now modify specific parts of the cell at a time instead of the whole cell allowing for specialization and you are now able to do things that you previously couldn’t. requirements for the next stage: 5 macronuclei or a giganucleus(a nucleus visible to an ant sized creature at minimum), primitive circulatory system(likely made from a highly modified contractile nucleus filled with a substance that carries the electron donor for your respiration) many nuclei
MACROSCOPIC(larger than 1mm diameter): you are now able to make “tissues”(they are really just highly specialized regions of cytoplasm or “multicellular” structures made from vacuoles with binding proteins and cytoplasm) and neurons by modifying a vacuole to contain a long conductive molecule and several neurotransmitter molecules or a structure that is an insulated wire with a dendritic organelle on one side and an organelle that releases neurotransmitter compounds when it detects an electric charge with different ones being released depending on the strength of the charge as well as sensory vacuoles that release a charge to any neuron touching it. requirements to reach next stage: sensory vacuoles to detect all of or a mix of any of these stimuli (light, sound, chemicals, pressure, gravity, pain) and a complex enough brain to understand it as well as a more advanced circulatory system
AWARE: you are now able to do all the things aware creatures can do REQUIREMENTS TO REACH NEXT STAGE:
a complex enough brain to understand tools, fine manipulators, structures analogous to bones, ability to communicate.
AWAKENING: you are now a solitary creature with the ability to write your memories into nuclei to pass on your knowledge to your offspring, an immortal solitary creature, or a social creature in a group REQUIREMENTS FOR TRIBAL STAGE: discover sustainable agriculture. REQUIREMENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL: regular industrial requirements. REQUIREMENTS FOR SPACE STAGE: make your creature have an organelle protecting all of it’s nuclei that absorbs all light, evolve a negative pressure resistant exoskeleton, evolve a system for propulsion in a vacuum, go outside of your planet’s atmosphere
TRIBAL STAGE(optional): you are now a tribe of polynuclates. REQUIREMENTS FOR SOCIETY: advance your agriculture and medicine enough that not everyone has to be a farmer/rancher
SOCIETY(optional): you are now able to specialize your people. REQUIREMENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL: regular industrial requirements
INDUSTRIAL: you can now build things that the processes to create them are so complex that they have to be automated to be made right. REQUIREMENTS FOR SPACE STAGE: regular space stage requirements
SPACE: you are now able to go to space REQUIREMENTS FOR ASCENSION: enter the ascension gate
ASCENSION: you are now a species of gods

Stentors have multiple nuclei. It’s what allows them to get chopped in half and just be fine. “A small fragment less than one-hundredth of the volume of an adult can grow into a complete organism.”

they also have multiple macronuclei
pretty much any polynucleate can trade nuclei as they all have more than enough to keep all their processes active long enough to make new ones