Music Feedback

(Oliveriver) #1

If you’ve made music (whether Thrive-related or not) and want some feedback, post it here.

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Hello. Im back
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Bestow upon me your words of wisdom…

(Oliveriver) #3

It has a nice atmosphere to it but feels very thin. That’s partly down to the small number of instruments, and partly because all those instruments are dry and similarly positioned. I would add plenty of reverb to instruments focused in the high frequency range - snare and brass - and mess about with panning. The main motif overstays its welcome a bit too, try and find some variation.

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion in my own work that putting sound effects in game music isn’t the best idea. Sound effects would be handled by the game itself. Having two sources playing a siren and footsteps simultaneously would get confusing and the effects in the music would be redundant. It’s fine if they’re more subtly integrated, but here they’re rather prominent.

If it’s any consolation, this reminds me a lot of my earliest attempts at Thrive themes. The static, overly robotic timing and velocities, overuse of one motif, and thin texture sent me right back to this. So keep at it, there’s promise here.

(Oliveriver) #4

I could have posted these questions elsewhere, but I’ve realised they fall under the exact purpose of this thread.

For those of you familiar with my music, what’s your favourite track of mine? What about it makes it your favourite? These questions include music both related and unrelated to Thrive.

The reason I ask is I’m currently experiencing a minor crisis trying to understand what I can do to make my music sound “professional”. Apparently I’ve come close on several occasions but more than often miss the mark, and I want to understand what I may have done differently in those cases.

(The Third Duke of Silly) #5

Por Isso Sai, truly a masterpiece. it outshines all other music to ever have existed through its exponential lyrics, the incomparable rhythm, etc.
Of All Possible Futures.
I love the tune of the piano, and it manages to stick in my head. I like how generally slow it is, it’s somewhat relaxing. To me, it initially encapsulates the image of a bleak future; silence, a lack of hope. The transition to a slight bit more ‘activity’ [i’m not much of a musical guy], to me, seems like an attempt at regaining hope which is eventually fruitless [becoming relatively silent once again]. The scattered activity from there makes it gives an image of many loose and hopeless attempts at restoring a bright future. Nevermind the fact that the choice of keys gives it that negative undertone [yet again, not a musical guy].

Maybe I pointlessly rambled, and wasted 5 minutes. But this is why I enjoy Of All Possible Futures. The image of a bleak future, with said future reflected in the title.

It’s probably not the same for others, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯