My Praise To The Thrive Devs & Community


I started tracking this project way back in 2018 during my searches for a Spore spiritual successor. This was the best option, but at the time this game was und(er)developed - as a game developer and fan of Spore, I was beyond disappointed. Alas, fast forward this year (2023) and I just so happen to come across this game’s dev blog from searching blender stuff online. Thrive, the game I had forgotten about, appears once again, but more developed and receiving some of the attention I thought it needed.

Without hesitation, I immediately located the latest release and downloaded it. And to my surprise, I noticed a PCK file in its directory after copying it. Hoping it wasn’t a coincidence, I looked back at the Github page and sure enough, Thrive, the game of my dreams was being developed in Godot Engine, the game engine I had been been using since 2020. My eyeballs melted. I’m willing to contribute anyway I can to the project, with my Godot and C# knowledge.

Thank you Revolutionary Games Studio for treading untouched territory in both aspiration and engine of choice. May we reach many milestones. Thank you devs, and fans alike!

- Rad Thadd (aka Renderless Games)


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welcome to the forums!


Ah perfect. I’ll learn the categories. Thanks


Welcome to the forums, @RadThadd!

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Thanx XD. I plan on being an extremely active member here :slight_smile:


So I have an opponent then :wink:

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I can’t guarantee I’ll win but u can bet ya fuzzy anomalocaris - I’m gonna try!


what did you work on?

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Welcome. We’d be glad to have a new skilled developer on the team.

If you want to test out your skills before applying you can follow our setup instructions: Thrive/ at master · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub and after getting the game running you can try working on an easy issue: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

If you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to ask in the #dev-help category.


I made more progress since then but the next video I post will be a full level

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