NEW! one sentence story telling thread

the old one is cluttered with lots of lore. the new one is here! have fun and build a story one sentence at a time. We build a story using one sentence per reply/comment. An example:

Person 1: Mark was lying on the floor.
Person 2: He didn’t knew why.
Person 1: He got up and looked around.
Person 3: – “What am I doing in Jack’s room?”

Additional rules (You have to read them before you start):

You can’t say two sentences in one reply.*
1.1. *When you make a statement said by a caracter in the story, you can use up to five sentences.
You have to end a sentence using at least one of those symbols: . ! ? , ; :
The reason behind it is that if you don’t, stuff might get confusing.
You can’t say two or more replies in a row. I.e.:

Person 1: Mark was running through a forest.
Person 1: He knew it was comming.

Your sentences have to be separated by at least one other sentence. I.e.:

Person 1: Mark was running through a forest.
Person 2: He knew they were chasing him.
Person 1: They, or rather it.
When you end your sentence with “,”, it’s qualified as an “unfinished sentence” and the next person has to finish it. The same thing goes for “;” and “:”.
When you make a statement said by one of the caracters, you have to start it with either – " or – '. If you don’t end it with [./!/?]" / [./!/?]’, then the next person has to finish it.
Don’t start another story (when there is one). There can be only one story is this thread.
When you want to say something other than a sentence, you have to start it with “(Not a story sentence)”. You can also use “(NSS)”, “NSS”, “(NaSS)” and “NaSS”.
Necroposting is allowed as long as it brings anything to the story. No necroshitposting.
Do not start a story related in any way to the Mark and his expieriences form the examples. And don’t do something like making a story about Jack. Come up with something original.
If there’s anything unclear about these rules, please, tell me.

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it was very dark in the little box

NSS - Do at least some of the rules from the previous thread apply here? I think it would be good to keep the NSS (Not-Story Sentence) rule, as it’s really useful.

NSS yes, they do. pherhaps i should add them

But then the little box grew at a rate of 2^t m/s.
(Nss) t is time in seconds since the box started growing

nss before t reaches 1, box is shrinking

for example 2^ 0.5 is less than 2

(Nss) actually I intended the size to be added on top of the original size, so as long as the power (apparently that what the result of an exponentiation is called)
Is positive it will grow!

then his friend the sphere had to put him down because it was causing the box many pains

The boxes dead body continued to grow, though.

oh :belgium: said the sphere. so he went to his friend the square in flatland

But what he found has shocked him, his friend has ascended past the fourth dimension!

Meanwhile, the box is now its own universe.

But due to the lack of matter, it really is just an empty void

The void grew and grew, swallowing anything that touched it.

But it didn’t really change much since the void didn’t have any ways to remove them from reality

, or, that’s what they thought, slowly, as the void grew, something started to appear in it, a face, and, unbeknownst to out hero’s, looks different depending on who looks at it.

Then 15 yottatons of tnt appeared.

but sphere had no Redstone so it was floating in the void as well

But had a flint and steel and the tnt exploded.

joe saw this and thought to himself “dang”.