No ui during tutorial

I’m sorry I looked all around online for where/how to find logs and could not figure out where they live. I’ll try to be thorough in written description.

-first startup of the game after purchase on steam
-New Game
-no options or settings changed from defaults (including full-screen, so I don’t think it was a case of stuff being cut off the edges)
-immediately on loading into the water i had no UI other than the right-hand tutorial text-box. the only things on screen were my little critter, other little critters, environmental elements (clouds and rocks), and the tutorial text-box.
-at first this felt like normal minimalist presentation so I kept playing without knowing I should have a UI.
-tutorial text-box said my lower-right bars will turn white when I’d collected enough resource. I did not have lower-right bars.
-tutorial text-box said i had collected enough material to reproduce, and to click the flashing button in lower right to initiate reproduction. i had no lower-right button. at this point i realized it was not behaving as expected so restarted a New Game and UI appeared as normal upon loading into the water.

again, sorry I don’t have logs or a screenshot, but I hope this is helpful.

Please put your logs on
and if the game crashed also get the crash report. Instructions here: Crash Reports

Can you get a screenshot or logs? The game will take a screenshot with F12 (even if Steam doesn’t, if Steam does take a screenshot you should be able to share that). As you got into the game proper I assume the main menu displays correctly. There is a button in the misc options tab in the settings menu for opening the logs folder. Could you go there and share at least the first 40 lines of the log.txt file here? Also close by to the logs folder button there’s a screenshots folder button in case Steam didn’t handle taking the screenshot for you.

thank you for directing me to the log, that’s what I couldn’t find before. i’ll paste them at the bottom of this message.

Yes, the menu seemed to display correctly, I had no problem hopping into the game.

i didn’t think to screenshot it before starting a New Game, and New Game appears to have solved the UI, so I can only screenshot it now as it appears with (what I assume to be) all the correct UI elements.

In the previous Game there was no [At Cursor:] box, no [health], [ATP], or [helix] button elements, no [Engulf] button, and no lower-lefthand [environment]/[compounds]/etc menus. The tutorial text-box was the only UI element on top of the watery world itself.

here is my log as it is now (top 59 lines), though I’ve continued playing the last 45 minutes on a New Game, and I don’t know enough about logs to know if that will have overwritten whatever was going on during the first New Game in which the UI wasn’t displaying.


Godot Engine v3.5.stable.mono.thrive.d2ad79a40 -
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/PCIe/SSE2
Async. shader compilation: OFF

Mono: Log file is: ‘C:/Users/cmdil/AppData/Roaming/Thrive/mono/mono_logs/2023-12-18_00.56.24_18032.log’
This is Thrive version: (see below for exact build info)
Unhandled exception logger attached
Startup C# locale is: en-US Godot locale is: en_US
user:// directory is: C:/Users/cmdil/AppData/Roaming/Thrive
Game logs are written to: C:/Users/cmdil/AppData/Roaming/Thrive\logs latest log is ‘log.txt’
Loaded native Thrive library version 9
Failed to open settings configuration file, file is missing or unreadable. Using default settings instead.
Doing delayed apply for some settings
Set audio output device to: Default
Set C# locale to: en-US Godot locale is: en
Starting Steam load
Steam load finished
Game is owned by current Steam user
Our app id is: 1779200
SimulationParameters are good
This version of Thrive was built at Friday, 15 December 2023 15:23:35 from commit 67861d8ad692fd0ff316f5745e525a69b7722907 on branch master
Beginning Thrive news feed fetch
TaskExecutor started with parallel job count: 4
Detected store name from launch parameters:
Launcher tells us that we are store version: steam
Launcher told us store name: steam
We were opened through the Thrive Launcher
Launcher opening us is hidden
Thrive Launcher started us, launcher hidden: True
Loading mod Nodes into the scene tree
Jukebox now playing from: Menu
Jukebox: starting track: res://assets/sounds/main-menu-theme-1.ogg position: 0
We are most likely a store version of Thrive, showing the thanks dialog
Startup successful, removing startup info file
------------ Thrive Startup Succeeded ------------
Region abandoned: 7
Previous patch doesn’t exist, despawning all entities.
Applying patch (Ogasasic Volcanic Vent) settings
Number of clouds in this patch = 9
Registering new spawner: Name: ammonia density: 0.8
Registering new spawner: Name: glucose density: 0.4
Registering new spawner: Name: phosphates density: 0.8
Registering new spawner: Name: hydrogensulfide density: 0.8
oxygen spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
carbondioxide spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
nitrogen spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
sunlight spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
temperature spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
Number of chunks in this patch = 5
Registering new spawner: Name: FLOATING_HAZARD density: 1
Registering new spawner: Name: SMALL_IRON_CHUNK density: 0.5
MARINE_SNOW spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
Registering new spawner: Name: BIG_IRON_CHUNK density: 0.8
Registering new spawner: Name: GOOGLY_EYE_CELL density: 0.001
Number of species in this patch = 1
Registering new spawner: Name: 1 density: 0.172129
World generation settings: [LAWK: True, Difficulty: normal preset, Life origin: Vent, Seed: 1855831369, Day/night cycle enabled: False, Day length: 180, Include multicellular: True, Easter eggs: True]
Jukebox now playing from: MicrobeStage
Saving latest played Thrive version to be:

So this was an inconsistent issue. It’ll be very hard to figure out what went wrong if it doesn’t happen again. The game keeps the last few logs (with the non-latest log having the time in its name when it was played), so it might be possible to still find the log that corresponds to the problematic instance. Though, it might not even contain anything important. If the problem was some kind of window size / fullscreen state change issue that didn’t correctly update the size the game thought it was, that could maybe mess up the scale for the UI and cause it to not show up. That likely wouldn’t have any log messages associated with it.

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okay, thank you. If it recurs I will screenshot and take the logs right then, now that I know where they are. Thank for you help, and for this game! looking forward to more.