Noinova, an EvoGame - Primordial Oceans

Let’s play an evolution game set in the primordial oceans, shall we? It happens in an Earth-like planet called Noinova.

The rules are simple:

  • Evolve a creature by modifying their picture and giving a plausible reason (use .png, please).
  • Only a single modification/upgrade may be made per ‘update’.
  • No one “owns” a species, so you can choose different species to upgrade.
  • I’ll be plopping some events which your creatures will have to adapt. I will also decide if any updates are invalid.

With that in mind, let’s show our initial species: the Ovatia. It is a primitive irregular-shaped sponge which feeds on water nutrients. Its size varies from 0.3 to 5 mm and its outer wall is composed of calcium phosphate. It is spreading quickly deep in the ocean. Things are stable and calm, but some members of their species mutate. Where will evolution guide us?


More Holes For More Food

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The new Ovatia starts to reproduce quickly. The older one still exists, but its population is much lower. That creates competition between the Neovatia and the Ovatia. It must adapt if it wants to thrive again.

the Ovatia has swimming larvae that can choose a suitable place to live in. because of a mutation, now the larva doesn’t have the ability to stay wherever it wants and now can only swim. this means it has to search for food on its own.
this created a new species i’ll call it Nanti meaning swimmer in Latin. this is wha it looks like:*

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Evolution ideas:

  • As the Nanti can swim, they can go to higher waters, where there are more sunlight and algae. Would that be the division between two different worlds?
  • Evolution frequently tries to occupy niches. How about a little bit of predation?

The Nanti shorten the appendages at the end of their body so they can filter feed off plankton and microbes close to the surface better , for the downside of having to rely on currents to move quickly

this is my first time doing something like this , so sorry if it’s a bit mediocre

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some of the nanti became big, and were eating other swimmers, they created a new group, the Predato Nanti.

hey @Spleehae is this ok?

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@TeaKing Yes, this is OK.
@Ansc The image quality isn’t important. It just needs to be .png and be understandable.

The Nanti and the Planknanti populations start to decrease due to the Predato Nanti. They must adapt if they want to survive.
The Ovatia and the Neovatia populations are stable.


  • Ovatia: Low (Stable)
  • Neovatia: Very High (Stable)
  • Nanti: Moderate (Decreasing)
  • Planknanti: Moderate (Decreasing)
  • Predato Nanti: High (Increasing)

The Nanti form a protective shell at the lower half of their body in order to better protect themselves from the Predato Nanti below them.

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Some of the Ovatia begin feeding off the nutrients and other stuff from the corpses of the Predato Nanti , so the holes on their body merge into a sort of proto mouth for efficiency.

This creates a new species called the Nekri giorti (Greek for dead feast)

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The Shell Nanti survival strategy is not very effective, as the Predato Nanti are bigger and can eat them and then drop the shell.

The Nekri glorti population explodes, starting to compete with the Neovatia. Who will win this evolutionary race?

The Ovatia population slowly decreases, finally leading them to extinction.

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Some of the Nekri giorti Mutates To Include Both A Feeding Hole For Corpses And Water Nutrients
They Split From Nekri giorti And Are Named Cibus Comedenti

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that’s gonna be a mega F

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@Ansc I was talking about the original Ovatia, the original species. Its population was already low, so its extinction does not impact the ecosystem.

The Cibus Comedenti population surpasses the Neovatia. The less adapted Nekri glorti population starts to decrease.

the Nekri Giorti develop skinny and very long tentacles near their ‘mouth’ to better handle / obtain the corpses and for sensory purposes

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The Tentacle Nekri becomes a major predator, eating plankton and even some distracted Nantis and Planknantis. It learns how to coexist around the Cibus comedenti and the Neovatia, but competition between the Tentacle Nekri and the old Nekri glorti starts.

Sole of the Nanti become more worm-shaped to hide under the Sand, this New species is called Rovieta.

In the process of evolution the first flat worm appear Progentior, or ancestor in Latin. It swims at the bottom and looking for nutrients and algae. It is often in shallow water and the main diet is algae.If he is in danger, he can quickly bury himself in the silt, exposing his simple eyes(which distinguish only light and shadow) and wait for the danger to go away.

The sense of, when wanted to simply draw a flat worm in paint, and found talent to drawing😂

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I don’t think that counts, you only have one change you can make.

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@Gotor A species needs to evolve from another. Also, you can only add one upgrade per species. You just added eyes (a huge evolution) and a complex nervous system (another huge evolution), besides other upgrades. If you want to reach the Progentior, you will need to make it more gradually (please, do not add several species at the same time. Let other species adapt).

The Rovieta’s strategy is successful. They spread like a swarm in the oceans’ floor. Sometimes they are ate by Tentacle Nekri, but nothing that profoundly affects their population.

The Nanti, Planknanti, Shell Nanti, Neovatia, and Nekri glorti become endangered species. If they do not adapt quickly, they will become extinct.

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