Non-LAWK Ideas and Concepts

I’ve decided to make this thread because I haven’t seen any thread discussing this, and the threads that were talking about Non-LAWK things were scattered.

This thread is about discussing things you think should be added to the Non-LAWK and how it should be enabled/disabled work. For those who dont know what LAWK is, it is the acronym of “Life As We Know it” and it is theorised that there would be a toogle for it, that will let you create forms of life that are made or work in a way that no life on earth does.

Now, I have a concept idea on how I think the LAWK toogle should work, I think that every feature of the Non-LAWK should be a checkable box, wich lets you decide wich Non-LAWK feature add to your game and wich not, there would also be 4 buttons:

  1. The “Uncheck Everything” button, wich unchecks every option.

  2. The “Check Everything” button, wich checks every option.

  3. The “Save Configuration” button, wich saves the current configuration.

  4. And the “Load Configuration” button, wich… Loads one of the saved configurations.

I think this concept will be the best one because it fixes the problem of the “Just enable everything” concept, wich is that the game would become totally bonkers without controll, and fixes the problem of the “Levelled permission” concept, wich is that the devs would have to decide to what layer does every feature make part of.

So, this is everything for my concept, if you want to share a concept you have, you can just put it in this thread, or if you have any feature you would like to see in the Non-LAWK then you can just put it in this thread, maybe it will be in the final game, maybe not.


I think this should be moved to one of the “Put your ideas here” threads. Also, (time to break a rule), it’s not “wich”, it’s “which”. Honestly, I think LAWKian features should start with basic and practical options. This means only one toggle, which should should enable or disable all LAWKian features. Much more simple and efficient for a good start.


Slightly off topic, but should we move old and new posts about LAWK here?

I think it’s better to have non-LAWK ideas in their own separate thread, as they are less worthy of discussion.


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what is LAWK. Please explain

Life As We Know it

I litterally wrote what it is in the part you cited…

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I missed that part and now i finally know what LAWK is

something on the topic of the thread
an enzyme that codes rna from proteins and dna from rna so you can unlock proteins from your prey and their organelles

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