Nostalgia trip

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Oh boy! I just went on the Thrive wiki and read the project’s history and I also went on the old forum which gave me so many memories. The first time i joined the Thrive community it was on the first forum. At the time, few progress were made as most people were just spurting out ideas that weren’t feasible due to how hard or even impossible it was as well as the lack of developpers. Then there was the time when we moved to the second forum because there was too much malware, and it was also the beginning of the first forum games (like the Uetiko hunters) and people were also starting to make the Thrive Universe and I particularly remember a user named kawuit who made fanart of others people’s species being infected by her parasite. I remember being pretty disturbed by this at the time but now I think they’re pretty cool.

To all longtime fans, what are your most memorable moments in Thrive’s history?


I remember when I first joined the original canadaboard forums, and I think I remember it differently. I believe I found Thrive after fruitlessly searching for a download to the old version of Spore, and I was totally in love with the project. (Though I do recall getting a little disappointed once I learned that every atom won’t be simulated and you can’t go inside buildings and listen to the news.)

I mostly lurked there for a while - the Concept Art Thread was a favorite of mine and I remember reading through it and getting hyped by all the art. I did participate a little, making suggestions of throwing out the game’s current soundtrack in favor of dynamic music and implementing a heaven for extinct species, among other things. I also posted some concept art of my own - back when this was the height of my artistic ability:


The atmosphere of the project was kinda different back then. With all the devs and fans collaborating in one shared forum and an almost entirely different userbase compared to what we have now, it almost feels like a completely different project.


Interesting, I am intrigued by the different time and mindset back then of the project. As a new user, I haven’t had the privilege of experiencing the old forum. Would you say it has turned to better, or to worse?

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Me neither. Even though, I almost joined the old forum since I didn’t know the existence of the new one yet. But I joined the new one, and never experienced the old.

NicktheNick’s Official Thrive Civilization Forum Game Competition has been an indelible experience in my memory.
When I look back at the page today it seems like such a blip on the map but it still makes me feel a deep-level of nostalgic.
I also remember being in high school trying my best with the original idea for Hod Cultural Evolution Game (like a Nick’s game and Sagan 4 combined). It was ridiculously ambitious but thrive people like SkyGuy followed me with my incoherent plans for a Sagan 4 for civilization game play to a whole bunch of random web pages. That “up for a crazy idea” mentality of thrive fans is definitely something that hasn’t disappeared from the community but its never gotten as adventurous as those days since I’ve been here (the kueku, cyclids, and creepus days last year got close I’d say).

CanadaBoards was even older, with ProBoards being the one before Discourse.

I can’t speak for CanadaBoards, but I personally think ProBoards had way less shitposting. (At the same time this forum is a bit more friendly to newcomers.) I don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with the fact that this forum is more accessible, making more people join that care less thing or something. (I don’t really know how to describe it properly, it’s comparable to what Unity did to the game-making scene)

I have to say though, for the meme contest I needed a screenshot of the disco update, so I downloaded that version, and realized how far the game has gotten since I joined. Of course, compared to some of the veterans here I’m still relatively new, but still.)

I remember how the first thing I asked was how the water-to-land transition would work, which I then as an innocent newcomer immediately followed up with by asking if underwater civs would be possible. That created an… interesting response.


I used to lurk the forums before made this account. My memories included Disco Mode, listening to the Thrive soundtrack, and waiting for 4.0. Oh, and the fan-art too. I also used to check the Revolutionary Games website every day to wait for a new devblog,(back then weekly updates weren’t a thing).

When I first joined, which wasn’t even that long ago, 0.4.1 had just came out, and there was all this hype. Ahh, the good old days

You know a lot of time has passed when 4.1 is now considered old.