Official and example Thrive mods

This is a thread about the official / example mods that have been made.

They are on Github:

And you can find and download the releases of them here: Releases · Revolutionary-Games/ThriveMods · GitHub

Installation is very simple:

  • Download the
  • Start Thrive and go to the mod manager
  • In there press the button to open the mods folder
  • Now open the file and drag the folders in there to your mods folder
  • Press refresh in the mod manager or restart Thrive
  • Now you can enable the mods you want in the mod manager

I made this thread to talk about the mods / ask how they work. I’m not really open to feature requests but the mods are open source so contributions are welcome.

These mods are also referenced from our modding wiki page:

I made this thread to announce that the mods are now all working again with the latest Thrive (0.5.10): Release Mods v5 · Revolutionary-Games/ThriveMods · GitHub


I love modding support so much this is so simple. I should make a mod sometime but C# is scary.

You could always use gdscript it’s probably easier that way

GDScript has the tiny problem that it can’t interact with the existing C# code of the game that well. At least that’s how I imagine it is without having tried it myself. Maybe if I hold off on that long enough someone else will make a sample GDScript mod…

ngl i still can’t figure out c# modding
and devs are too busy on the game to explain and stuff