Olympus Infernal


you successfully ascended, please choose three perks from the following list of ascension perks. please take into account your prior knowledge about the planet and system you have been spawned on.
perks are passed on to descendants of the players after the player first activates them and can be duplicated by another player with level 10 or higher gene stealing abilities

ascension perks

almost all of these are stolen right from the thread “Ascension Perks Ideas” and modified to fit this game

ascended(0ASP, already obtained)

makes you an ascended soul, allows having and passing on ascension perks, allows absorbing other ascended souls after making their species extinct and fusing your ascension perks with the other soul’s perks and duplicating them to split between yourselves equally(phoenix perks cannot be obtained this way unless the soul with the phoenix perk has went extinct more than 3 times since the last extinction event), allows being absorbed by another ascended soul and getting their perks in return for yours(phoenix perks can be obtained this way), an ascended soul is a bit like a normal lifeform except more like a god

stable membrane(0.5 ASP)

your osmoregulation cost is reduced by 20%

moon gravity(1 asp)

every round you can choose the percentage of gravity you experience

extreme heat/cold tolerance(1 ASP)

allows surviving from -200C to 300C without any adaptations, temperature adaptations are 4x more effective

phoenix(3 ASP)

you can burst into flames upon reaching 0 HP[1] and respawn from your ashes. you can come back from extinction 3 times per extinction event

vesicles of holding(2 ASP)

doubles storage capacity of all membrane using storage organelles and halves size of all membrane bound non-storage organelles by having all membranes originally made entirely by biological processes half the volume of all matter inside them, [2]

universal whisperer(4 ASP)

upon attempting to tame anything you immediately succeed… as long as it doesn’t view you as prey

truesight(3 ASP)

if you evolve eyes you see with the position of matter instead of with light until you evolve color vision, once you do you still use this perk but color is added. removes ability to be blinded and removes disadvantage from all sight related debuffs and removes disadvantage on actions once sentient from being in an extremely dark area

fast regen(3 ASP)

when damaged you regenerate health and mature 8 times faster, you can not become old because of this.

cancer killer(2 ASP)

removes chance that i will randomly decide to roll a d20 to decide whether or not your character gets cancer and removes cancer as a cause of death for your species[3]

energy loan(3 ASP)

allows having lower energy production than energy usage for 3 rounds but the difference between energy usage and production will be applied to your energy usage after those 3 rounds are up and this perk will be deactivated until you next have your energy usage above your energy production

alternate coding(0.5 ASP)

you have a vastly different information storage molecule than everyone else meaning they need an adaptive translation organelle to steal your genes

:notes: light up the world like nobody else :notes:(1 ASP)

bioluminescence consumes half the energy and produces twice as much light

one way void(1 ASP)

adds a membrane type that lets light in but not out. this membrane looks like the event horizon of a black hole without the warping of light


halves energy cost of carbon fixation while carbon fixation enzyme is in the same membrane as a photosynthetic pigment and doubles effectiveness of photosynthetic pigments

organic fission\fusion(1 ASP)

adds organelles to perform fission and fusion. these produce a lot of heat so it’s best to cool them fast, they can reach temperatures similar to that of the sun if you aren’t carful

false ascension(2 ASP)

every 10 rounds you get 1 ascension point(you get one every 50 rounds if you don’t have this perk due to having ascended)

absurd heat/cold tolerance(6 ASP)

allows surviving in temperatures ranging from -273C to 1200C, multiplies temperature adaptation effectiveness modifier by 4. requires extreme heat/cold tolerance.

after you choose your ascension perks please choose 1 action and one mutation to start round 1, every 50 rounds you get 1 ASP

due to the nature of venus we have selected this planet for you all to start from as last time you ascended within 3 billion years of starting

every round is 5 million years, you will start 1.5 billion years after earth first formed with a period of 750 million years[4][5] to adapt to existing on a planet hot enough to melt lead or to prevent it from getting to that, please read the following box before submitting your action, mutation, and ascension perks.

planet information

Name: venus
Age: 1.5 billion years
surface water percentage: 30
atmospheric gasses: 50% N2, 16% H2S, 13% H2O, 12% NH3, 2% Ar, 1.7% SF6, 1.5% Ne, 1.3% H2, 0.5% H2SO4, 2% other gasses
crust composition: 65% Silicates, 12% graphite, 5%iron, 3.5% gold, 3% copper, 3% sulfur, 2.3% lead, 1.7% aluminium, 4.5% other metals
ocean composition: 85% H2O, 5% H2S, 3% NH3, 2% H2SO4, 2% iron, 1%S2, 1% phosphates, 1% salt
pressure and temperature: PSI/bar, and F/C
0 meters above sea level: 1450 PSI/100 bar, 85F/29C.
30 km above sea level: 1150 PSI/79 bar, 90F/32C
40 km above sea level: 750 PSI/52 bar, 87F/ 31C
50 km above sea level: 550 PSI/38 bar, 85F/29C
60 km above sea level: 114 PSI/8 bar, 76F/24C
70 km above sea level: 102PSI/7 bar, 74F/23C
80 km above sea level: 73PSI/5 bar, 68F/20C
90 km above sea level: 29PSI/2 bar, 58F/14C
100km above sea level: 15PSI/1 bar, 48F/9C

you will be starting as an organism with the traits: extreme pressure tolerance, moderate heat tolerance, inorganic lipid membrane, RNA replicase, and minor UV tolerance.
the perks you choose will drastically affect how the game plays out for you, moreso than your mutations, extinction events will be approximately every 15-50 rounds with bigger ones taking longer

there are ways to produce infinite energy, but almost all of them require perks, there is a very high chance a non-player or player species will be a glowing photosynthesizer

magic will not exist in this setting outside of ascension perks but similar things will

game infodump
  • everyone starts with 1 MP and there will be no dice rolls and you just get what you want
  • everyone starts with 1 AP, this also does not get rolls until you reach the aware stage
  • brains will have a level scale with 10/10 being a sapient brain and allowing brains past level ten
  • [DISCLAIMER] i am making most of this up and this game is NOT an accurate source of information about the history of venus, nor is it intended to be as this game is intended to be a source of entertainment.

  1. starts working once you gain sentience ↩︎

  2. recursion is allowed, going inside the membranes is also allowed ↩︎

  3. cancer, as in real life, will only affect you if you have multiple cells, so it can be worked around by only having one and having ways to dump nuclei ↩︎

  4. approximately 150 rounds. ↩︎

  5. this number can be drastically changed by the players ↩︎


I’ll join the game
Species name: Phytosphaericae Haplobios (Photo-Sphere Simple-Life)
Ascension Perks:
-Stable membrane,
-Alternate coding,
-False ascension.
Mutant: Photosynthesis Proteins
Action: Move to water surface
(I hope that the atmosphere is dense enought to stop most of UV rays…)

Planning a game that will last for 150+ Rounds is a great deal
Edit: added 3rd perk


You get three Ascension Perks Aah

I’ll also join the game, it seems we are starting as Cells yes? Interesting…

Name: Altamors duocirculi
Ascension Perks:

  • Phoinex
  • Extreme Heat/Cold Resistance
  • False Ascension

Mutation: Storage Vacuoles

Action: Head into deeper waters, perhaps I can consume Marine Snow or something of the like

This seems interesting, we’ll see how this turns out


False Ascension is kinda OP


when i was looking at it i was just like
“bruh thats just 5x more ascension points”


I will join to that game too


  • extreme heat/cold tolerance
  • absurd heat/cold tolerance
  • organic fission\fusion

name: Simplicitas Impossibilest

M - Efficient heat dissipation

A - Move to an active place, where I can stay away from competitors


This sounds interesting, I’ll join

Crackcephalos Fissius (Crackhead’s fission reactor)

Ascension perks:
-cancer killer
-organic fission
-extreme heat/cold tolerance

develop thermosynthetic proteins

move to an underwater cave

edit: misunderstood the ascension perk cost, added the third starting perk


I’ll join.

Ascension Perks:

  • False ascension
  • Extreme heat/cold tolerance

Mutation: Thylakoids
Action: Spread population.


I am going to join

Name: naranjus mediavorus (orange middle-eater)

False ascension
extreme heat/cold tolerance

mutation: chemoreception

action: head toward food


Just so you know, You get 3 ascension perks to start. You only have 2.

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I know, but “cancer killer” costs 2 ascension points

But we weren’t going by points, but number. Points only matter after the game has started, not when choosing them here

If I were to add up my starting perks, it would be 6 ascension points

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my bad, I’ll edit it now

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You’re all good! I just didn’t want you to start at a disadvantage compared to everyone else.

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i did not expect this to get 6 players in under 16 hours

as with all of my games, i too, will be joining

name: vocatio inanis


  • vesicles of holding
  • one way void
  • false ascension

mutation: photosynthetic compounds
action: eat the sunlight


Name: sch izofeliizus malus
Mutation: Chemosynthesis proteins
Action: Move to Sea Floor

How many points do I have for ascension perks?

Edit - Here are my ascension perks:
Universal Whisperer
Extreme Heat/Cold Tolerance
Fast Regen


You get three ascension perks to start - at this point in time, points don’t matter

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Absurd heat/cold tolerance requires the extreme version, so I believe you’ll either have to replace it, or have the extreme and absurd versions.


i didn’t catch that one, but that is definitely correct.

depending on how many people join the first round will come tomorrow or on the weekend


I would like to join too.
Ascension Perks:

  • fast regen
  • Light up the world like nobody else
  • Cancer killer

Name: Fatum rutilans (Weird glow)

Mutation: Bioluminecent organells
Action: search for food.