One-sentence story building

NSS: i did not know that, sorry.
the Kirby Army slowly climbs up the stairway to Level-1
Kirbies: Hup!
Rose?: Hello there. :smiling_imp: Now to take you no good Kirbies down once and for all.
some of the Kirbies use Ultra Sword, while others use Mecha, and others still use Hypernova
Kirby: Uh-uh!

rose?, after slaughtering the kirbies with a wall spike spear, decides to hunt some moss creatures with it to cook them and eat them in a fire pit made from the trees evolved from the ancestral moss and sundried moss creature bones

NSS: Huh.
meanwhile, in a Dream Bubble…
John: oh god… what have i done?
Jade: look! its him! get him! :rage:
Dave: i dont think we should after all his eyes looked wrong so he wasnt in his right min-
Jade: I DONT :belgium:ING CARE, DAVE!
John: flies away as quickly as possible while Jade gives chase, and Dave follows

meanwhile, outside the dream bubble, 50,000 years in the future, the rockworms have replicated rose? and made an entire civilization out of clones of her produced via a fairly odd type of asexual reproduction and after they hatch from the skulls of the rose? clones after the clones die they go into the sky to get seeds for the plants that they need to survive due to their limited gas transfer between them and the outside world.

an alarm wakes a familiar friend from his slumber
???: Huh?
the Kirbies have been imprisoned
Kirby: Wha? is confused as to the passage of time. Have 50 millenia really passed?
(Kirby): psst! Ab gu da ri! (How are you doing?)
Kirby: I’m ma! Ab hu da? (I’m fine. How are you?)
(Kirby): Du br… (Not good…)

the kirbies are taken out of their jail cells by twelve rose clones wearing blue burlap armor with metal underneath and brought to the graveyard of the sky worm civilization where the first thing they notice is that there are rocks just floating around in the sky occasionally sucking up a bird or two but mostly just filtering aeroplankton into their stomachs and getting dug through by rockworms,

Meanwhile, in the Dream Bubble…
John: guys look, a portal!
Jade: i dont care “bro”, you need to PAY!
Dave: cant we just settle down and wait to be destroyed
John and Jade: no!
Dave: fine
they head through the rift to prevent this storyline from getting too convoluted

the second thing the kirbies notice is that there are 6 foot long 1 inch wide worms coming out of the graves and going into the sky after a couple minutes of sickening crunches from decomposed skulls and said worms have a visible front and a visible back as well as eyes and a clear 8 part mouth

Kirbies: Eww!
Rose?: Isn’t it wonderful? The conglomeration of our goddess Wormthulu and all of her children! :purple_heart:
Kirby: Da’re gu. (You’re disgusting.)
Rose?: Excuse me?
Kirby: spits at her and steps on her shoe
Rose?: OW!
suddenly a portal opens behind all of them just as Kirby was to attack her

NSS: the big worms are their parents and grandparents but ok
after the kirbies are thoroughly disgusted by the rose clones they are brought to the farms of tiny worms that live inside giant pitcher like structures attached to trees that allow the worms, which are able to perform radiosynthesis at that stage of their lives, to get a consistent supply of iridium, iron, glucose, oxygen, and amino acids so they can grow into rose clones.

NSS: i thought the Rose clones reproduced through budding and they only worshipped the worms! And what happened to the original Rose? She was never killed last i remember, so unless she ran away or is unaccounted for, she is still in the story because God-Tiers can only die by being murdered, and even then it has to be Heroic or Just to stick!
out the portal, three humans fly. two men and a werewolf, one following another chasing another
John: huh? what’s with all the roses-
John gets choked by Jade, while Dave tries to stop her
Dave: let it go youre embarrassing us
Dave: i dont care anymore jade

Steven He tells the big worms that they get a life, and instantly duplicates into a horde of 2000 Steven Hes

NSS- this thread really is going to probably become one of the longest ones

meanwhile, on Popstar
Dedede: Huh? What happened?
Meta Knight: I remember… Evil. I tried to stop him, but he killed us, over and over again!
Bandanna Dee: That sucks, big time.
Keeby: How do we get back?
King Dedede: Look! A rift!
they then all go through the rift, and wind up at level-1 of the Backrooms

after the kirbies see the nursery of the worms they are taken to the origin point where all the roses respawn as exact copies of the original rose and said roses have formed their own civilization that has a mix of several kinds of government including but not limited to: communism, capitalism, full democracy, etc. they call their society “the minceraft communist society of the immortal clones”

after sakurai discovers the horrendous game he created we nukes there democracy

And then everybody died

and then there was void, the void became sentient as all existence it

NSS: how do you nuke The Backrooms?
John: my peepers are THIS big! points to his eye
Dave: eww gross
John: not pp, PEEPERS!
Jade: wait, wheres rose?
Rose?es: Here!
John, Dave, and Jade: are any of you the real rose?

All the roses all at once in unison: yes. we are all roses that were possesses by worms and then died due to worms hatching out of our skulls and we all have the memories of rose from before she was posessed and there are far more of us to come but we do have a leader who is the first rose to respawn at the origin point.

Jade: what did you do with the real rose?!? :rage:
Kirby: Uh oh…