One-sentence story building

every single rose clone: “we are all the real rose but the original rose is right here” ‘all of the rose clones point to the rose wearing gold trimmed netherite armor dropped by a steve that noclipped into the backrooms’.

Rose: Hello, old frien-
Jade: if i see another one of you clones… i swear, SOMEBODY will have her intestines teleported out of her body!
Rose: You don’t understand, Jade, I’M the original!
Jade: i dont care anymore…I JUST DONT CARE!
Dave: jade stop shes our friend


What?? Elaborate. Edit: Never mind, just realized it’s a simple typo (“longest ones” > “longesto nes”).

NSS @Lipovomit the dialogue rules have now been added as an edit of the rule 5.

jade: how many real roses have there been dave HOW
pulls out glock 69 to prove her point
jade: once this one dies another one will come back

King Dedede: Stop! They are all real!
King Dedede gets shot
Jade: grrrrr… :rage:
Dave: jade calm down

Then, Jade exploded.

and all the roses were teleported on top of the ender dragon and they all punched it exactly once and it died leaving them to be teleported to the minecraft overworld with a few mods including but not limited to: create, create aeronautics, create: liftoff, Create: offroad, Create: steam 'n rails,

NSS: did Jade die a Just death?
Anywho, the Roses then discover The Aether (which really should be a vanilla dimension!), and then SevTech Ages installs itself.

And then the server crashes and uninstalls sevtech ages because it is for 1.12 and all of the create addons are for 1.16 or later and the roses build a magnet railgun to shoot sheet metal capsules Into space to build a spaceship to go to the Andromeda Galaxy

What the roses didn’t know yet is that Andromeda has vanished!

…but then andromeda reapeared

But it was all a dream

Someone woke up, looking up at the celling, they screamed, seeing tendrils made out of flesh, hair, eyes and teeth descend towards them.

And then without reading anything in the last 90 posts a man appeared and said the words “STEVE BUSCEMI!”

Then the man said “Null” and faded into the void, before exploding into a portal filled with backrooms entities crawling out into reality.

The person from the bed jumped out in fear, they started running towards the door, trying to escape the tendrils and the backrooms creatures.

but one brave explorer discovered that the portals can only be gone through one way by backrooms entities(into the frontrooms) and only gone through the opposite way by frontrooms entities meaning eventually the backroomks will be the only hospitable place assuming everybody builds civilizations and brings plants