Organelle Ideas

I think it would be most realistic if instead of fixed organelles, there would be a system where the processes of a cell would be done in a cytoplasm, with the ability to alter the efficiency of each process. But, improving one proccess will make the other proccesses work less well. After endosymbiosis, the new cell can be edited, and can be given different levels of process efficiency. They will share the compounds in the cell, also. This allows the creation of very specialised organelles, that can be unique.


The protein “organelles” are meant to represent processes done in cytoplasm.
Implementing the “organelle upgrades” system that has been discussed for a while would also allow the player to alter the efficiency of these processes.

But, would my idea be possible?

This has been talked about in the past. When I suggested it last time people were positive about it. Not sure if this will be the way we move forward or not, at this time.

It’s been a long time but I want to propose about cilia. I think we should add vortex arrays to the game to allow another predatory method. Here is how it wound work: The player can unlock the cilia which will normally be used to move the player, but once you press ‘G’ the cilia create a vortex, pulling smaller weaker organisms into the deadly membrane of your cell. Of course this needs consequences or players will use it to be over powered. Maybe the cell might be significantly slower so that they must wait for prey?