OrganelleMix Mod

Hello everyone,

I present to you OrganelleMix, a mod which adds new organelles to the game to make it more fun. Currently it adds 3 fully functional organelles, but many new organelles are planned. Recently I updated the mod to improve the GUI and added custom textures.


  • Cell wall constructor, that can help you regenerate and armor your cell
  • New compounds: Cellulose and Protectin
  • Protectin is a special protein containing many disulfide bonds, having large structural integrity, designed for microbes which have access to a lot of hydrogen sulfide
  • Cellulose and Protectin synthesizing organelles
  • You can turn the production of cellulose, protectin and oxytoxin on/off in the compounds menu
  • Empty and almost empty compound bars are hidden now, but you can still view them by expanding the compounds menu
  • A predatory pilus that doesn’t do anything yet, but it looks cool, kind of like a flagella without an animation

How to install
First, download my Mod launcher and make a backup of vanilla
Go on the mod store and find OrganellesMix, click Download
Pick your backup and select organelles mix between your mods
Click “Install backup with mods”


In the cellulose bar icon, the shield used can be found here:
Thanks to Nein99 for help with the custom texture.

If you have any challenge for me (a new organelle) feel free to suggest it.

Good luck and have fun,



Awesome to see mods popping up :smiley:


Glad to see that I’m not the only one to make mods.

One recommendation: give your organelles their own textures.
it appears you’ve used the chemoplast for cellulose/protectin synth and the mitochondrion for cell wall constructor. If you have Notepad++ (or an equal/better text editor), you can copy/paste the mitochondrion mesh and material, rename everything (even in the mesh file, you’ll have to open it and search for ‘mitochondrion’) to your organelle, and change the mesh the organelle uses in the organelle table to your new one. (I learned this method by calling upon @Untrustedlife’s infinite wisdom on Discord )

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Thanks a lot!

I have exactly followed the procedure and it is working
Except some custom colors in the next version :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m currently working on my own large mod (added 14 organelles so far), and I’m planning to add a contractile vacuole that reduces pressure in your cell when damaged, closing up wounds and speeding regeneration. I’d like to know if I could use your regeneration code for this (and give you credit when I post the mod on the forums).


Yes, feel free to do so.

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I updated the mod,

Now you can hide/show empty compound bars at will
You can turn the production of oxytoxin, cellulose and protectin on/off
Custom textures (this one has still some potential later to be fulfilled, possibly)

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Yes, thanks for updating it. I also found something similar on Finance Police Blog and I was rooting for it because I always wanted to used to cellulose in that.


I updated the mod, now the installation is managed by my Mod Installer Tool.
I also restored the editor button tweak, now you can’t open the editor all the time if you are using only this mod.

If you liked this feature you can still use it: This mod is compatible with Always ready to edit, which is another mod created by me, and it can be found in the Thrive Mod Installer tool zip.

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Update, now you can find OrganellesMix in my mod store. OrganellesMix now uses Cerium, so manual installation is no longer possible.

how do I download it