Organism Building Feature

Do organs need to move inside the body? Muscles can be grouped with limbs, or organs themselves (not inter-organic), in the case of the heart and the lung.

Wouldn’t that just be a heart placed inside a brain?

This was a thing I didn’t like in spore. There were a lot of legs, but they didn’t change how fast you went, they all looked the same anyway. There should be a muscle slider, and the leg that goes faster should have larger muscles, if that’s how that works. Would it be too much if I ask for a wind tunnel simulation in the editor?

I don’t like limits like that. The reason I wouldn’t put 10 hearts should be because adding a second one doesn’t make my creature faster, not because the editor wants me to remove something for everything I added.

Designing the organ may be restricted, so you can’t design a heart shaped lung, you only change the things that matter, like increasing alveoli density, if that’s what matters.

How is it stored strategically? Is it about the center of mass?

How does bad placement work? My liver could be on the left instead of the right (if there was an empty region there) and nothing would be different.

Tail can be used for grabbing. Its just that it’s normal purpose is about balance, communication(for cats) etc. It is long and narrow, it should be classified as a limb. If a snake has organs at the back of its body, then it doesn’t have a tail. And there shoud be limbs that can’t move.

For auto evo, looking good should be enforced by making it also the efficient way, for example, by giving discounts for symmetry, if it doesn’t happen by itself.

The parts can be sculpted and then added to the larger organism, the placement is also custom. How can everything be designed on a single editor?

Can every organ be edited? I get how a gland can happen, its just syntesiser cells grouped together, but how to design a heart? It should be pre designed, and by design, I mean there is a way it looks, it doesn’t have to be like a steam engine simulator.

I can imagine auto filling used on the brain, and a plating added around it. But muscles? Do you suggest the ability of adding organs inside the limbs? I know woodpeckers move their heads a lot, but thought there would be a difference between the limbs and the segments.

This thread is really old. So hi there, if you’re reading this in your mail.

I think it should be the other way round. You place organs and that determines the creature’s shape.

And the shape of the creature isn’t constant. It can change after exiting the editor if the shape of the organs change.

If you decide to put rigid bones or an exoskeleton that is larger than than the region it covers, you can now place organs with respect to the bones, not just with respect to each other.

I think there can be a thrivepedia for organs. You can place organs designed by other players but you design the overall creature. So there are presets but they can be edited.

All of the evolutionary history of the organs are included with them, so that complex looking organ you added isn’t complex when you added, it gets there like a credit card payment. But if you edit it, it stops changing.

I don’t think the difficulty level should change the way organism editor works. It can be made by increasing the speed of auto evo or giving advantages to other species.

Mouth is the first hole in the species. It preceeds the tissue metaballs.

For example, if you have 2 hands, as you edit them in the part editor, they are updated on the organism. No need to delete them and add newly designed ones.

Are these related? Knowlage of biology isn’t needed for designing a bone.

It can be used to unlock the organeles the other cell has. That wouldn’t be random, or forcefully added.

Horisontal gene transfer is like a sexual reproduction with another species.

There should be a reason that forces the creatures to put a skull around their brains. There can be multiple hitboxes or just one, but the damage is spread among the organs, the first one to hit zero health kills the creature.

Skull is like a hard skin under a skin, no difficulty for its shape. For the spine, each of the vertebres could be a segment, so if you are making a giraffe, you can’t change where your front legs are connected(without using too many mutation points), to have a longer neck proportional to your body, you have to make the vertebres in your neck longer than the other vertebres.

Why? The creature owns the parts, there isn’t a communism. What you say is more appopriate if the definition of a “species” was blurry and every cell did a horisontal gene transfer with every other cell. Is that how it should be?

I think heads can be a single segment, so it is not necessary that the ear is also placed there

what is that?

This would be very interesting.

I wonder if ball bearings can evolve

The bombardier beetle* mixes two chemicals which react and exit the body

Isn’t this what normaly happens in the lung? The oxygen enters the blood via diffusion, the alveoli are there to increase the pressure. I didn’t get the venom gland thing. Do you need to eat it to store and later use it?

Even in unicellular, the cells have behavior and no neurons. Do you suggest designing the behavior from scratch once the multicellular starts?

A problem with long term plans is that the enviroment can change

I think there should be a default tissue (has axons, blood channels) and the limb is made from that

Have you seen any of the late multicellular editor concept art? Even if parts are made by the player, plopping them down still causes every same problem as premade parts (at least in terms of spontaneously evolving fully formed arm in one gone).

I meant evolving slowly, but having a seperate section in the organism editor for the parts[1], and being able to change the places of the organs in the larger editor.

  1. which still require mutation points ↩︎

So not really a part editor, then? Because I assume most people will have played the evo game that starts with an S before, them hearing “part editor” will most likely result in them thinking about something that is very close to what that game has. As you now described your idea it is more likely than the part editor. I think you should come up with a new name for your idea rather than “part editor”.