Outside of the Thrive theme, what music do you most associate with Animals, Nature, and Evolution?

For me it’s the Planet Earth 2 theme, especially at the 3 minute mark.


I think a good contender is the Grammy award-winning Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin though more of a evolution of civilization than nature evolution.


I think that’s probably my favourite piece of video game music ever. For me that definitely represents civilization.

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I associate a lot of orchestral or classical music with life and evolution due to their grandiosity. For an example: the New World Symphony. All of it is incredible, but the Largo section particularly sticks out, especially the introduction to it with the horns:

I think a great mod idea is to replace the soundtrack to Thrive with a lot of classical music. No offense to Oliveriver of course; I love the soundtrack!

The Walking with Dinosaurs theme also sticks out to me, especially Time of the Titans, since it was my childhood fascination with dinosaurs that really got me into science as a whole. So it encapsulates the wonder I felt as a kid first learning about so much crazy material:

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I very much love Walking with Dinosaurs. It and the other Walking with series are what I image Thrive to someday be like.

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This one makes me wonder how far we can get, and gives a very “alien biology” vibes

I don’t like the relaxing part of nature. Anyway here is a meme music.

I think echoing guitar strings is the best way to make space feel vast

To me it’s Hot Butter Popcorn

This musical theme is more related to viruses and their evolution for me personally, but nevertheless:

This song definitely makes images of ancient and mysterious lifeforms flash in my mind

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