Pangea Reformation (Forum Game)

ik its the 0 biomass and 1 sp, but knowledge, plz make sure they are both accurate

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Ill allow u to pick ur own

action: learn lightning bend
muscles > tough muscles
biomass: none
sp: none

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What can I evolve into? I don’t have a tab for that

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Can I have a description of the evolutions?

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can you just choose 5 mutations that would be useful for my species for me? Ill pick one of them
I find that idea better instead of me coming up with a good idea on my own

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Aerodynamic carapace,

Thinking Carapace

Stronger carapace

Larger Carapace

Enhanced Carapace

Wait what…
will this make my carapace sentient or something?
Go with Thinking Carapace i guess

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^still not clear on that. Also how do we get more options to buy from the SP shop?

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see now

Vote: Find a large tree to call home in the forest, with thick branches to nest and a burrow by the roots for our non-flying companions

Also look for a way to gather more biomass (at least 2)

Biomass: +3 Legs, +2 Talons, +3 Feathers, +4 Beak, +2 Stomach

Can I have a list of my allies? And next round, if I do +2 to stomach and evolve would that count for the bonus?

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Is that a no to the list, the evolve bonus, or both?

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Evo bonus…

Ah ok guess I’m not evolving next round but the round after then


By this I mean how do we gain more abilities available for purchase?

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So… Can I have more information about the evolutions?

@GodOfKnowledge I have a question? what happens if you survive 10 rounds without evolving? do evolutions then stack on each other or something?

no? I don’t quite get what you are saying, the only thing special about round ten is the wave, which you need a 10+ roll to survive from, every 10 rounds there is a wave, this one is a non-tier, so if you have evolved there is a +5 to your roll.

Theses are the teirs

Tier 0

Tier 1 (1 Evo)

Tier 2 (2 Evo)

Tier 3 (3 Evo) 2nd strata

you cant stack multiple evolutions, or like choose 2. You can get better ones by doing better things, rare++ is max for fist evo tho.

@GodOfKnowledge What about my and Frale’s questions?

^(I’m wondering the same things about my evos)

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@GodOfKnowledge One more thing, I am feeling like our Mutations are currently fairly useless and don’t do anything. Are they even used in some way?

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