Pangea Reformation (Forum Game)

Biomass - 5 workers and +1 brood maker and +1 leg to the queen

vote - Expand undergone broods

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I see people having multiple votes. How does one know if they have that? I don’t think I do but I see no signifier on the stats page or anything like that for the people who do have two votes

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Once you evolve you have 2

I evolved so i have 2 aswell right?

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No, you simply gained a new mortal vessel

Out of pity, for being nuked by the otters

Wait, the Otterman Empire!

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So that means I have two though right?

@GodOfKnowledge I edited to add battle strategy and a second vote

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i also added strategy

I do wish to remind you of Storm cloak good sir, because of mana storm I will be invisible during this entire fight.

Would you accept my job offer if I beat you?

(Using mp would be like using your mana laser or making your trident costs MP)

I stated in my strategy that i will try to manipulate storm clouds (they are made out of water) and take them down, so no invisibility if it works


Also, remember that I currently have a lot more mana than you (you 16 , me 68)

do you guys just want lore round, the deep history behind the facades of the dungeon, the true creator? Who is it?

What is it… around a chapter 1k of words, I’ll follow a mc for each one

  • Yes
  • No

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I kinda want to do it as Season one is coming to an end, it will reveal an inch of the treacherous jungle that is, and isn’t, what will, and won’t, and what has, the time will reveal.


Mana storm is not the clouds, it is my storm of raw mana shards

Will there be season 2?

I dont think you get what i have, I have a dilebrate skill tree, you can only influence it in certain scenarios,

Also, mana mach is a movement skill. Not an attack, It assivly strengthens the body by capturing mana at high speeds. It does not attack the player.

Movement → Attack will not work.

What’s the difference between it and enhancement then?

Vote: Try to improve my skills
Biomass: +5 Compunding muscle → Compounding Compounding muscle

When do I get poison fangs?

Round 14 soon???

@SupaChimp has not voted yet, at least not in the main thread. They might have pmed Knowledge tho.

Round 14 when??? @GodOfKnowledge

Impatient, when evwryone has voted