Part placement efficiency

Ok I so I’ve been thinking about thrive in the back of my head since I found out about it and I have some ideas for the game. The main one being part placement efficiency, ok so this is how I think it would work

When placing an organs, limbs, mussels and so on a little tool-tip will pop up next to your cursor telling you how effective that part will be if you place it in that spot this also works with upgrades. As an example lets use a cell if you try to place a flagella it will tell you the states of that spot helping you find the most effective place to put it to ether turn, accelerate, or stop. On a more complex organism this could show the effects of making muscles bigger, rearranging the placement of legs, or the efficiency of sensory organs.

I strongly believe this is the right way to go about this it makes evolving and tinkering easier and less of a hassle. While at the same time keeping the complexity this game is all about

What’s your thoughts on this

P.S. there needs to be a testing area in the editor so you can make sure everything works properly and not have to go in and out of the editor if something doesn’t work the way you wanted it too

As discussed here: Organism Building Feature Thrive won’t be going the spore route of having parts you can place (I’m not 100% certain but very close). So instead you gradually shape your creature. So you will be making decisions like “do I want to add 10% more cells to the leg muscles or brain”. That makes it a bit difficult to have a mode where you can test your creature as you could only afterwards revert it to how it was when you started. So this way you can lead your species into an evolutionary dead end.

good i’m glad pre-made parts aren’t going to be in the game i misunderstood i thought there would be some. and it makes sense not to have a testing area if parts aren’t placed, but what about in creative ? Also whats with the lack of posts on the dev forms?

There will be a freebuild editor added at some ppoint (maybe even in the next release)
where you have unlimited mutation points.

Everyone is probably busy once again. But there were quite a few new posts after you posted.