hi, i’m penguin. thrive is one of my fav games. it’s a very good game and i wanted a place to discuss it so i’ll be active here.

Also - can be used for general chatting with me.


Welvome to the comunity forums! OwO

the last part was a little strange but ok.

Welcome, @Penguin!

(This is a post filler)


what’s a post filler, something to make your post count go up? or to stop the deeply annoying 20-char limit

Circumvent the char limit.
But you can use html tags to do this… mods hate this. >:-)

yea that makes sense

what that post is empty

EDIT : after me looking at the code i get it now.

As for that random charictor mass, it was supposed to make something italic, unitalicize it, bold it, unboldify it, and circumvent the post limit. Evedentaly I failed.

The character limit is to encourage meaningful discussion, so people don’t just post “Good idea”, but leave a thumbs up reaction instead for example.

Welcome by the way

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with the forum i was used to, the charecter limit was only 5.

Ah, I’m a bit late, but hi, Penguin! I hope you enjoy it here : )


when the text is not hidden properly.



But what about this?

It is

But what about this?

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I’m back guys after like a long break from posting lol.
what’s been happening here

Uh yknow…

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