Pixel art competition!

Welcome to the pixel art competition! Where you post your pixel art, and the drawing which gets the most votes wins!


1- you can post more than one pixel drawing, the maximum number of drawings you can post is 4
2- make sure your drawings are SFW, no NSFW allowed.
3- you have 17 days to post your art, afterwards, the voting phase will begin and will last 3 days.

That’s all, Good luck!


Is there a theme of some sorts?

You can post whatever you want, so feel free to post anything

But if you want a theme, make the art thrive related

Consider me interested! I’ve taken up spriting and have been slowly improving and I would love to see how I can compare with other pixel artists in this community. I’ve seen some great pixel art here on the forums afterall!

I’ll edit this post to submit my art when I make it.

Aquaduct of sylvius
Tried a full scene for the first time, I usually just make small 64x64 or 32x32 animations.
And here is 64x64 Engineer from Risk of Rain, but also not animated because I am lazy.
Plant Beast
These animations are pretty old but I figured someone would want to see them since I kept mentioning them above. Not much shading goes on in them! I always wanted to make my own videogame some day, so I just have folders full of sprites like these, many I am not willing to show off to anyone, but I like to keep them so I can look back and know I have indeed improved somewhat.


Yeah I’m joining this, but i has question. Is there any size limit?

I’d rather if the art is no bigger than 400 X 400px, but you can make it as large or as small as you like

I can’t wait until I see everyone’s pixel art

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now we have 4 competitors right?
idk if omni is joining or not

I’ve done some minecraft texturing before, I think I’ll join, why not.

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Ok now we’re up to 5 competitors! That’s great!

Wait I’m not a competitor @TeaKing

Edit: I am a competitor now

Oh I thought u were joining lol!

I might get into pixel art tho, so I could join the competition

Here is my first and final thrivesterpiece:


I am of course kidding, here is my first admission:


Here’s a screenshot for better quality:

I call it “Advice Alien”. Can you guess why?


That looks really good!

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Is anyone else going to join the competition?

here is my horribly drawn pixel drawing
pixil-frame-0 (1)

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It’s good, there is room for improvement though.

thanks, i made it in pixilart.com

i made another art

Content Warning: Strobe Light


sorry if i give anyone a seizure
You could have prevented that, you know - DPh Kraken.