Pixel art competition!

you could have hid it in a summary lmao

also its hurting my brain

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tried doing something a bit different from what i typically do. i’ll probably post something more akin to what i’d typically make later on in the week.


For some reason I can only upload gifs in pixilart.com :frowning_face:

Try Piskel you can export pngs from it no problem, as well as rescale sprites fairly easily. It’s what I started on before downloading asesprite.

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Thanks @Buckly! I needed this!

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8 days left! make sure to post your pixel art!

Here’s a little gif. I still don’t know how to resize the images beyond screenshotting, so bear with me here.



is that…me!?
its soo cute!!

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Wait that’s TeaKing?! it thought I was some little alien creature! Well I’m not complaining

I thought it was an old lady.

Also I Ike the fact that TeaKing is making a finger gun sign

Or is he?

Idk, but I like that little detail. Like everyone thinks he is some kind of marksman or something :laughing:

Oh and @OmnipotentFNarr you can resize images by going into resizeimage.com!

im a natural shooter, just ask my desert eagles

Yeah everyone just kinda accepts the fact that you can shoot bullets made out of tea :laughing:

Hey @TeaKing how many more days until the voting phase?

Oh wow time flies fast
2 days left

anything else? @OmnipotentFNarr will most likely win.

I think it’ll be Deathbyseatoast. He/she’s the most experienced with pixel art here.

Hey @TeaKing! Only one day left and the competition is finished!

this is a bit sad
ok ill put all the drawings in a summary
ill edit the post and add the drawings in a sec


full scene- buckly
Aquaduct of sylvius
risk of rain engi- buckly
soldier- buckly
monster- buckly
advice alien- omnipotent fnarr

teaking- omnipotent fnarr
pumpkin- mechanical pumpkin
pixil-frame-0 (1)
angry bird- mechanical pumpkin
weird pic- deathbyseatoast

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My angry bird picture isn’t showing


I can’t wait until the poll!