Plants (No not plant civs)

So Plants evolve with the Player i think. This thread is to discuss how this depends on each other and maybe some drawings and designs for Alien Plants.

Do not bring up plant civs!

Can we have plant civs then? :laughing:

already discussed that

I know, it was for a joke.

Maybe the planets will have dynamic atmospheric compositions and the plants and animals, machines, and even natural events (eruptions, fires) have to balance out or the planet will begin to change, aka dynamic climate change.

Aka Earth, but the “dynamic atmosphere conditions” are called humans :sweat_smile:

But goid idea :+1:


Well everyone discusses aliens with very earth-like thinking. On other worlds we wouldn’t have ‘plants’ or ‘animals’, we would have something else. It may be similar, but not too much.

When I think of plant-like beings, I think of large, bulky creatures similar to bugs. They’d speak in a very deep tone, maybe even deep clicks and growls.

Plantoidal biology doesent have to be external, but can be internal.

Except due to the meager energy returns of photosynthesis, complex plants sacrifice almost all their ability to move to maximize their returns from photosynthesis, becoming even more static with size.
Animals, however, can move to collect compounds and being able to move allows them to profit off of moving themselves (requiring lots of power, or energy over time). A human walking is about 87 Watts (joules/second or mass*speed), which is about the power cost of a good flourescent bulb. The energy produced by power plants is much greater than eating things, though. Adding on such things as metabolism or complex nervous systems, and the cost increases. Photosynthesis just doesn’t provide that much power.

There are motile plants, most notably euglenids and dinoflagellate alga. However, these are all unicellular, with sitting and waiting simply being more efficient at larger sizes for photosynthesizing. Note that while surface area increases quartically (a^2) with increasing radius, volume increases cubically (a^3), so large plants don’t have much energy to waste moving their cubically-increasing mass. But if they want more surface area, they’re going to have to increase their volume until they get the precision necessary to form leaves (which are thousands of cells thick).
You’re right about there not being “plants” and “animals,” instead we have “aitjhas” and “tyaqs.”

By that you mean having xylem/phloem, but no photosynthetic tissue? Then you aren’t really a plant, just plant-like. [insert image of person raising finger, then bending it]

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Plant-like was close to what I meant, but a plantoid would be more plant than anything else really.

Couldn’t u be symbiotic with photosynthetic cells? Like ur an animal and u eat plant cells and keep them alive inside of u.

For plant civs, I had the idea that they would have some sort of religious culture, but still have a scientific mind. They might go around with the intentions of ‘spreading their seed’ around the galaxy, which basically means pollinating every uninhabitable planet they come across with their own ecosystem.