Poems and Short Stories Thread

(Steve) #1

Post all of your poems and short stories that you want trusted people to look at. I swear you can trust this community to be kind and fair in judgement.
I’m just kidding I don’t really care if people critique or not this is just to put stuff in since there’s no current thread for this.


THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

I have one critique, that’s not specifically targeted at you: I’ve seen many threads be created for some specific thing and the OP doesn’t even post one of such things in the first post. And then the thread is abandoned. So there’s just threads floating around with the idea of some kind of thing they are supposed to have but there are 0 posts like that in it.


(Steve) #3

Guess I will get to writing. I have a few ideas for stories.

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(Xeno) #4

Well well well you’ve listen to my idea
Dont you agree this is tidier
for as you see the poems are nice
and writing them Will suffice
for entertainment and fun
because you have a ton
of ideas for ways to rhyme
like flying falling doing crimes
this is a poem made by the xenmorphian
signing out

i had something else i wanted to post but i feel like thats spam and thats not nice with toast


(Lord Nerd) #5
:sob: A Haiku of a true story of true sorrow and sadness (directed at @hhyyrylainen) :sob:
Sadness I am sad
My haiku ignored; Unloved
I am heart broken!

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #6

Speaking of poems…

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(OrganismOverlord) #7

I like poems

But now I don’t.

Because of some flying saucer named Steve.

So I guess i’ll make rhymes, to fit with the times.

So listen here Steve, you’ve become my pet peeve.


(Xeno) #8

A sci-fi themed
poem for those who gleam
happily when seeing anything Ftl
hold on a minute my father’s Dhl
has arrived

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(Steve) #9
The Strong Will Live

One day I was on a maglev to some tourist facility in the middle of the jungle. My friend and I were sitting next to each other and were watching the news and we saw another group of people killed by a murder organization (terrorists in the truest form) in the middle of a plaza. The organization’s motto is “no one is safe, the strong will survive”, they work by killing people in public to show that no one is safe anywhere and they are rarely caught by police. They also operate all around the globe. Where the maglev stopped, my friend and I got off and began walking toward the facility. I saw two black figure climb over the rail next to us, and in only a few seconds, they ran to the pair of teenagers in front of us, slit their throats and then dashing away into the jungle. Later, after returning to my home town, I was walking home from the station. After entering a solitary back road near my house I was quickly surrounded by a group wearing black full body suits. Their leader (wearing a suit with a red symbols on the chest and head) gave me an option, kill someone and get away with it or die, my choice is clear. After agreeing to kill someone for my life they simply said “we will be watching, you have 2 weeks”, they then disappear into the alleys. After getting home I said nothing of the incident to my parents and went on my daily routine. I began to think about who to kill and I decided that the old lady who lives across the street from me is a good target, no one visits her and she rarely leaves her house other than to get food, she knows me and knows that I know her grandson. After four days of preparation I knocked on her door and she opened. “Hi, I’m Markus, do you remember me?”, “yes” she replied, a slight grin forms on my face, “Your grandson forgot his phone in his room, would you get it for me?”, she replied “I don’t know where he leave it but I can search”, “I will help you” I said, “thank you, you’re a kind young man.” At this point, I was extremely relieved, the hard part is over, now I just need to keep the act up until the right moment arrives. After leading me to her grandson’s room (he just left to go back to college) she began by looking over the floor then took the covers off the bed, this was the perfect moment. I took chloroform covered rag out of my pocket and quickly subdued her, putting her on the blankets and rolling her up, I “borrowed” an old van I had found in an alley and had parked it close to her back door. I rolled her outside then put her in the van. I drove to a nearby lake outside of town and got out. I put a brick on the gas pedal and quickly retracted my arms. The van plunged into the water and I began my walk home. In the same road they trapped me in the first time, they surrounded me again. Their leader introduced herself as Ashley and welcomed me into their organization, I had originally only does this for my life but after killing the woman myself I had a rush that I had never felt before, it felt good, so I became excited at the words. She told me that there is a meeting of new members tonight at an old warehouse at the edge of town, I wrote down the address and said goodbye, continuing my walk home. When night arrive I left my house and went to the warehouse. There were more people than I had expected, the warehouse had been cleared out and it was filled with people, one half were wearing black while the other half were wearing normal clothing, I joined them. Ashley walked onto the stage and began to talk “Welcome, you have been given a great priledge, the privledge of life” (I realized that the other must have been recruited the same way I was.) Ashley continued “A privledge that too many take for granted, this world is cold and heartless and the weak hide behind their government. However, those government have become weak, and can no longer protect those they are charged with. We are here to show the world that their are no more shield protecting them, that the weak will die, and the strong will live.” After that the members wearing black began cheering “the strong will live.” The recruits began joining in until I eventually joined in. All I could think about was “this is the beginning.”

Note that my name is not Markus. This story was inspired by a dream I had, actually the beginning jungle section I restated the exact scene that played out in the dream.


(When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Shove the lemons down the throats of your enemies.) #10

Roses are red
santa stores all of his presents in a sack
Hola everyone im sort of back

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