Post thrive let’s plays here

(Untrustedlife) #1

If you find a thrive let’s play in the deep depths of the internet, or make your own, post it here!

(Askyw) #2

Until the next patch comes out I doubt that would be even worth making.

More power to those that do though!

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #3

Hi, I have let’s play videos about Thrive in Indonesian dubbings language.

so let’s see here. I play Thrive v0.3.4.

Bermain Thrive - Tahap Mikroba (Part 1)

Bermain Thrive - Perkembangan & Fagositosis (Part 2)

Bermain Thrive - Tau Ah Gelap (Part 3)

Bermain Thrive - Ngumpulin ATP, Buat? (Part 4)

Bermain Thrive - Nyobain OVERHAUL Mod Nih (Part 5)

Bermain Thrive - Saya Punya MP Yang Tidak Terbatas (Part 6)

Bermain Thrive - Benarkah Bermain Game Pada Jam 3 Pagi itu Seram? (Part 7)

(Untrustedlife) #4

You made a second episode :smiley:

(Untrustedlife) #5

Played thrive on my stream
WARNING: NSFW I cus alot

(Untrustedlife) #6

Kinesis made a new video:

(Askyw) #7

i love this guy’s energy

(Untrustedlife) #8

ITs good to see people excited about thrive, yes .

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #9

man I cant wait tell 0.4.0 is out ill make sure I report all the bugs and suggestions I have :grin:

(The Third Duke of Silly) #10

Can’t wait to post my review where I moan about toxies for 8 years

(Untrustedlife) #11

Warning, as in my previous thrive playthrough yes i cussed a-lot, as usual.

(Untrustedlife) #12

Cleaner stream i did afterwards (only 14 minutes)

(Untrustedlife) #13

Hey guys, i decided to do a little lets play.

Kinesis has just hit episode ten of his series: