Post thrive let’s plays here

(Untrustedlife) #1

If you find a thrive let’s play in the deep depths of the internet, or make your own, post it here!

(Askyw) #2

Until the next patch comes out I doubt that would be even worth making.

More power to those that do though!

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #3

Hi, I have let’s play videos about Thrive in Indonesian dubbings language.

so let’s see here. I play Thrive v0.3.4.

Bermain Thrive - Tahap Mikroba (Part 1)

Bermain Thrive - Perkembangan & Fagositosis (Part 2)

Bermain Thrive - Tau Ah Gelap (Part 3)

Bermain Thrive - Ngumpulin ATP, Buat? (Part 4)

Bermain Thrive - Nyobain OVERHAUL Mod Nih (Part 5)

Bermain Thrive - Saya Punya MP Yang Tidak Terbatas (Part 6)

Bermain Thrive - Benarkah Bermain Game Pada Jam 3 Pagi itu Seram? (Part 7)

(Untrustedlife) #4

You made a second episode :smiley:

(Untrustedlife) #5

Played thrive on my stream
WARNING: NSFW I cus alot

(Untrustedlife) #6

Kinesis made a new video:

(Askyw) #7

i love this guy’s energy

(Untrustedlife) #8

ITs good to see people excited about thrive, yes .

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #9

man I cant wait tell 0.4.0 is out ill make sure I report all the bugs and suggestions I have :grin:

(The Third Duke of Silly) #10

Can’t wait to post my review where I moan about toxies for 8 years

(Untrustedlife) #11

Warning, as in my previous thrive playthrough yes i cussed a-lot, as usual.

(Untrustedlife) #12

Cleaner stream i did afterwards (only 14 minutes)

(Untrustedlife) #13

Hey guys, i decided to do a little lets play.

Kinesis has just hit episode ten of his series:

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #14

This is let’s play videos I’m played on Thrive 0.4.0 in Bahasa Indonesia Language. Check out here.

Bermain Thrive - Woah Update Baru Nih Guys Versi 0.4.0 (Part 8)

Bermain Thrive - Main Lagi Yuk (Part 9)

Bermain Thrive - Bermain Sampai Menang (Part 10)

(Untrustedlife) #15

Looks like you ran into a bug where you couldnt see the organelles. What are your specs?

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #16

My specs :

Acer Aspire 4752G
Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or Nvidia GeForce 610M (I use Nvidia GPU)
512GB HDD Seagate SATA II
1366x768 resolutions

(Untrustedlife) #17

(Untrustedlife) #18

if you want to hear me ramble about the future of thrive and some of whats coming in 0.4.1 here you go

(He who abuses the search function) #19

If iron chunks will emit iron (and maybe slowly decrease until they disappear after they’ve fully dissolved), could it be possible for a cell to “capture” a chunk, so they could get all the iron from the chunk it could’ve emitted? (Maybe have it take a while for all the iron to dissolve in the cell)

You could even balance this a number of ways. You could make the iron pretty heavy, heavy enough that the ATP cost of moving around with the iron chunk inside of the cell will be more than the ATP reward. This could encourage a sort of scavenger playstyle, where the cell would have to find a chunk, absorb it, wait for the chunk to fully dissolve, then, using the newly acquired ATP, find a new chunk.

You could also have it require a specific organelle, (maybe a kind of special vacuole? I don’t really know if that’s possible though) so you’d need both a rusticyanin and a storage organelle for it to work. You could even have a system where the chunks consist of multiple “blocks”, depending on the amount of iron inside of the chunk, and the chunk would need to fit in the organelle(s). For example, for a 1 by 3 iron chunk, you’d need 3 metal storage organelles in a row, or for a 2 by 2 chunk, you’d need 4 metal storage organelles in a square pattern. If you were to make the organelles expensive enough when it comes to mutation points, the player would need to actively invest maybe even multiple trips to the editor in order to find larger chunks, and even then the chunk might be in a wrong “shape” to fit in the organelles.

(tjwhale) #20

So we talked about basically doing exactly what you are suggesting, it’s a cool idea.

My big concern with it is that making cells slow feels really lame to play. Like as the player, under this system, the best way to play is to grab and iron chunk and then sit still while it dissolves, and that is quite boring I think. I don’t think encouraging people to sit still is a good idea.

I’m totally open to trying it out and seeing how it feels, however that is a concern I have.