Preferred ways to donate

We’ve had a patreon for a while now, but we’ve never accepted donations before. Now it’s going to be possible to accept donations soon. This is because Finnish law regarding donations is really complicated. Now we should be able to hold what’s called a small donation campaign (max duration 3 months and max total money 10 000€) in a few weeks. I plan to time the start the of the campaign to be when the next release comes (19th of June) and last 2 months.

Regarding this, I’d like to know which donation methods people would prefer (due to the effort required, I don’t think we’ll use all possible methods). Note that on paypal you can pay using a credit card without making an account.

Bank transfers seem like basically a requirement to setup, so that’ll be an option anyway, though regarding the state of banking in America I wouldn’t be surprised if many people have problem making bank transfers easily. That method also likely has the lowest fees for large donations, but for smaller donations the per-transaction fees might be very high percentage-wise.

Preferred ways to donate
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal (including credit card)
  • Stripe
  • Libera pay
  • Patreon subscription
  • One time payment (for example on steam, or
  • I prefer to support Thrive another way

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I also included some non-donation ways in the poll, in case it turns out people prefer those ways more than donations.

The donations will go to Revolutionary Games Studio ry and will help the development of Thrive. Hopefully the donation amount is significant enough to help achieve the goal of one full time developer on Thrive.

If you have comments in general about donations, feel free to comment.


One time payments don’t feel right for a project like Thrive. I don’t really know how it would work but for a project that will take this long, letting people pay one time with each account limits how much they would want to help

It looks like a majority of the voters in the poll prefer that approach. I also think it’s pretty good: you pay once and you then have an easy to access copy of thrive on steam. I think that would make people more willing to contribute at all financially.

Yes, but what if you want to contribute more?

The option to become a patron or donate (when we have active donation campaigns going on), will still be there, and can be done on top of the one time purchase. Adding that option won’t make the other options to disappear.

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Oh i see. Great then!

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