Procedural fishes


I found this interesting video of a guy who made a program that proceduraly generate fish-like creatures, and I was amazed at how realistic they move. Will Thrive look as realistic as this?

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How do we know this isn’t Thrive from the future, and you are not a time traveler?

(Lord Nerd) #3

This is pretty much what i hope thrive will look like in the end.

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imma let you finish, but check this out!

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Looks like thrive if physics was a factor in procedurality also checked the channel its now called the pond more checking shows that it may also be an evolution simulator

also quantum crab that game looks like what i imagine a low gravity planet’s life forms will look like

Heres that game

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Yeah nice those creatures look good. I think the way it works is using quite a lot of rotational symmetry and then adding fins etc. Should be doable.

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The videos prove that something like this is possible. BUT as the first one doesn’t link any code and the second videos’ link is dead ( we would have to code our thing from scratch.

So, yes, while possible we must implement those from scratch so the limits of thrive developers’ skills will affect how plausible that is.

(tjwhale) #9

I definitely don’t want to make any promises about what is going to happen, not least because I don’t have the skills to carry it out.

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I think this is how the top one works, basically you make a spine, then at each point on the spine you say how thick the creature is and then you skin it using these sections. Then you wiggle it as it moves. Mine is only in 2d but I think it is a similar idea.

(Zahyyy) #11

Is the speed by which they move determined by their shape? If so, that’d be amazing for Thrive!

(tjwhale) #12

At the moment the speed is only determined by the frequency of the wiggling. I always feel sad for artificial animals when I see them wiggling back and forth really fast and not getting anywhere!

I agree that in general big things should probably be faster.

(Xeno) #13

Amazing work TJwhale!

(Steve) #14
I like the wiggles

It is like they are dancing

wiggle fish wiggle

I like the wiggles.

In seriousness, if size was a factor in speed, would it still be possible to move faster if the fish is small and wiggling extremely fast next to a big fish wiggling slowly?

(tjwhale) #15

Could be I guess, depends how you set it up.