Progress Updates

This is amazing. Wonder what that new part will be…


“Crafting with craftable”
“Crafted axe”
“Tree interaction”
“Ecological destruction in the name of society”

I love you guys XD


I’ve never been so excited about progress in any game ever. I know for a fact that i will support this game till the end.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this dream game a reality!


I cannot believe we’re finally beginning the later stages, it’s been a long wait.


Its really cool that the awakening stage is already being worked on, but is such a basic crafting system final? Or will there be a tech editor to replace it later?

“is such a basic crafting system final? Or will there be a tech editor to replace it later?”
These are prototypes, so the final product will be very different. More complex systems would have to be programmed later on, if it is deemed worthwhile.

Even if there is a tech editor, how would that impact the crafting screen? Other than the fact that the recipe costs and results would be customized if the technology was edited.

Why is the rock icon three dots?
Also what’s the hand above the organism in the ui in this pic?

I just quickly made something to not have to use the same icon as iron, I thought as the iron is pretty much a rock with iron bits in it, an icon with less dots could stand in well for just plain rock.

The hand is the hand. How else is a bunch of balls meant to hold an axe?

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Since it has an external brain I was expecting it to use telekinesis.


Well that’s how it holds everything else in its inventory.


Let me guess the squares ob the ground are handaxes.

One of them, other ones are wood or as I told Untrustedlife, they are really “any kind of hard biomaterial” to give flexibility to worlds where trees don’t really evolve.

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Red seems to be used to indicate iron oxide, maybe use a dark grey / steel color for stone? Also I think I should only have 1 dot. For simplicity, and basic.

I refuse to improve my placeholder graphics, I leave all of that to someone else. It seems that this icon might be bad enough that someone would make a replacement sometime soon.


I personally don’t think it’s bad at all. It works well for the prototypes imo


Is it just me or does the image not work?

The image does not work for me, either.