Progress Updates

We are starting a series of weekly progress updates. The first one is here:


Awesome! Great to see what’s happening behind the curtains!

Definitely great to know what’s going on, it’s more reassuring.

This is excellent! Now people-especially new visitors-can see what has been going on and get hyped that actual progress is being made and the game isn’t just dead.

I’ve made some formatting changes to the post. Please let us know if we can make things look better in other ways, and we’ll try to keep it consistent from now on.


Also if you have any feedback on the updates, feel free to let us know.

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Q: what’s BSF? According to wikipedia:

I have no idea which one it is, but probably not the bean one, (since Thrive does not have enough beans of course, (and because no java, but that is not nearly as important of course)) so I feel like it might make sense to explain a term like that in the update.

It’s bs::framework. It has been explained in my first post about it: