Project Terra (reboot in p.118)

Hello, this is my second forum game, Project Terra.
This is just going to be a short and simple forum game I can host from my phone.
The goal is to colonize and terraform a planet.

Setting: In the future, humanity is starting to build an interstellar empire, and new planets need to be terraformed to sustain billions. That’s where you come in, your company has been granted a stake on the planet Alterra, you and several others will have been granted 50 years of unlimited funds provided by the government to colonize this planet as you see fit.
Rules: You have 6 rounds to colonize the planet, on the ‘7th round’ your planet will come under review and you will be graded based on how your planet developed.

Each round your company can take 2 actions to terraform and colonize.

The successfulness of you actions will be determined by a 6-sided die, rated as follows:

1 - Complete failure
2 - Poor
3 - Mediocre
4 - Good
5 - Great
6 - Perfect

Communication and (in-game) politics are not considered under actions and can be done for free.

Before it starts just enter your companies name and (optionally) what they do/stand for.

I’ll be accepting up to 6 players.

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I’d like to join :grinning:
Intergalatic florida company
Arms dealer/colonization and terraformation equipment supplier/private army
They wish to spread the floridian influence to space either by diplomacy or force
And they are partially funded by florida (which is independent in this universe)

Your previous game was good, so I’ll join.
Name: Rather Sour Apples
Description: Just an apple distributing company.

i join
Name: Crest Cheap And Fast Colonization
Description: When You Want Colonize A Planet Cheap And Fast Come to Crest Cheap And Fast Colonization! (Planet Might Not Be Suited For Humans Or Any Life,Ask Your Doctor If Terraforming Is Right For You)


Name: Spooky ghost company
Description: a company producing spooky skeletons and pumpkins

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Oh yes.

Agriculture Reinvention and Kinship, otherwise known as ARK.
ARK is the company responsible for most of the terraformation efforts within the system and has created several new species of plants and animals to suit new environments in their efforts. The board wishes to further expand ARK’s influence into the Milky Way.

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D.A.R.K. or Deals in Arms Robotics and Kittens
Description:we make and sale the best arms robotics and kittens!! -a person
i will make the the best planet ever to be populated by kittens!!
edit: a bit overkill on the kittens, eh?

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Description:a company with an odd name not as weird as the boring company though

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:joy::joy:HA HA HA!!! i love it!

@oncpapa Are we going to start

Round 0

The election for the planet is over, The following companies won:
The companies

A.R.K. - For their heavy involvement in early terraforming efforts.

Crest Colonization - For their advanced colonization technology.

D.A.R.K. - For their advances in robotics… And kittens.

Intergalactic Florida Company -
For their wealth of colonization equipment and political standing.

Rather Sour Apples - For being one of the best agricultural distributors.

Spooky Ghost Company - For having one of the highest public ratings.

A colonization team of each company is ferried out to a space station orbiting the planet, where most business will be conducted from now on.

Before you are ready to terraform, you are given a summary of Alterra.

The planet

Alterra is a remote world, located around a sol-like star, at a distance similar to earth.

The planet is mostly barren, being covered in grey soil, and having water ice at the poles, It has some volcanic activity, a weak magnetic field, and a thin atmosphere of volcanic gas, and It is somewhat smaller than earth, and has two small moons.

You are handed your grants to terraform the planet, and are free to start.

Edit: For anyone who needs a time scale: rounds 0 and 7 take 1 year each, all other rounds take 8 years each.


1: Attempt to spike the magnetic field of Alterra.
2: Begin work on creating oxygenating photosynthetic bacteria adapted to the planet’s soil.

vote 1: attempt to create mini domes with an artificial ocean’s once the artificial bacteria are done
vote 2: make a camp

1.Set Up A Base On The Planet
2.Set Up Our All New Advance Patented Pending Earth Atmosphere Generators

Vote 1: Create an actual atmosphere for the planet.

Vote 2: Send a few drones to deposit some minerals and richer nutrients into the soil.

build factory’s to create a better atmosphere and make things for future humans who will need them.
ad more photosynthetic bacteria for O2.

Oh man i was justone minute late

If there’s a waitlist for this game can ya add me to it please?

Vote 1: remove some steam so that the planet reflects less sunlight and gets warmer
Vote 2: release some phytoplankton and check how it’s feeling

It seems like we have more people joining in than I expected, I can get you guys in this round. Svrangite you have to make a company, and positive tower is good to go.